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Historic Home Remodeling
in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

To discuss your ideas for historic home remodeling in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia, contact Wentworth at (240) 383-1226.

The historic nature of Washington, DC, and the surrounding suburbs means that many neighborhoods were established decades or even centuries ago. Whether you live in a Victorian ItalianateColonial Revival, or American Bungalow, your historic home may be long overdue for some upgrades. While you want to cater to your family’s modern lifestyle, you also want any changes you make to enhance your home’s historic qualities, not detract from them.

That’s where Wentworth’s in-house team of designers, architects, and builders comes in. We understand the delicate balance between preserving the old and adding the new to make your home feel fresh and updated while maintaining its original historic charm.

Custom Historic Home Designs

We never stop at the first design idea. Instead, our team comes up with numerous custom designs meant to suit your home’s architecture and achieve your goals. This allows for a more flexible renovation and ensures we honor your wishes to stay true to the home’s original style.


Consider the facade of this Tudor home addition we completed a few years ago. Each design we presented to the client is unique, yet they all remain true to Tudor architecture. This gives you an idea of the level of detail we’ll put into creating a custom design for your historic home.

Emphasizing Your Home’s Historic Beauty

The age, condition, and architectural style of your home dictate where we take the design. After all, we understand that custom details and finishing touches are essential for achieving a natural-looking historic home remodel. Our goal is to blend the old with the new seamlessly so the renovated parts of your home look like they belong. To accomplish this, we carefully consider what construction techniques and building materials we should use to ensure they are appropriate for the project.

Historic homes often come with fascinating stories, which we aim to understand before anyone signs a contract or work begins. With Wentworth, you’ll find that our design-build team is committed to respecting your home’s unique history for generations to come.

Our Experience With Historic Home Remodeling

We have experience remodeling and adding homes of all historical styles in the DC metro area. Many of our clients live in the area’s most well-known historic districts, including Capitol Hill, Georgetown, Kalorama, Cleveland Park, and many others. We draw on years of experience successfully renovating historic homes, so you know you’re in good hands with Wentworth.

American Bungalow Style

Italianate Style

Tudor Style

Queen Anne Style

Georgian Style

Second Empire/ Mansard Style

Midcentury Modern Style