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Kitchen Additions in
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Update Your Home & Increase Livable Space

Kitchens are a central point of any home, serving as a natural gathering space and being integral to our daily lives. Whether you’re preparing dinner, entertaining guests, or overseeing your kids’ homework activities around a kitchen island, you probably spend a good deal of time in your kitchen. If your kitchen is too small, consider having a secondary kitchen added or expanding your primary kitchen. This is a great investment that can increase the value, square footage, and functionality of your home.
Wentworth is here to turn your dreams into reality. Our experienced design-build and remodeling teams can provide you with a new or improved kitchen in your home in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.

Why Choose a Kitchen Addition?

Before the 1960s, it was far more common to see closed-off, small kitchen designs as opposed to the open-concept style that has taken popularity today. If your older home has a cramped kitchen, it can be difficult to make this space functional. 
Fortunately, kitchen expansions and remodeling can solve this modern-day dilemma. At Wentworth, we have worked with many homeowners who opt for kitchen additions that provide them with the ample living space they need. In fact, kitchen expansions are one of the more common types of home additions we complete, as they can add a significant amount of value to your home.
Kitchen additions are frequently constructed at the rear or side of a home, but zoning regulations for each project will determine what is allowed in your neighborhood. Ideally, the new kitchen addition will be placed next to an informal living space and dining room, thus maximizing functionality.

Benefits of Kitchen Expansions

Some of the many benefits that come along with kitchen expansion include:

What To Expect

Here at Wentworth, we have perfected the home remodeling journey down to a straightforward and stress-free process for our clients. It all starts with an initial consultation. We’ll meet with you to discuss your home remodeling goals and establish a budget. Once that’s completed, we can move into the design phase. We’ll present you with plans, perspectives, product samples, and more so that you can start to visualize your project. Then, we will provide you with a finalized contract so that we can start handling all the necessary paperwork and permit applications. Once those have been acquired, construction begins.