Kitchen Remodel

Northwest Washington, DC (CityCenterDC)

Looking from the dining area toward the kitchen, the partition wall screens the cooking area. The assemblage of the partition wall, storage cabinet, and breakfast bar form a sculptural element at the island in the kitchen. The top of the storage cabinet serves as a buffet during dinner parties.

Two new condos were merged into one expansive 3-bedroom unit. The space reconfiguration allowed for a new large kitchen. The appliances were repurposed from the unused kitchens, allowing for two dishwashers and two refrigerators.
The side of the partition that faces the dining area acts as an art wall and screens the cooking area. At the bottom of the partition are storage cabinets for table linens and placemats. The table-height countertop wraps around for a sculptural treatment, and pendant lighting illuminates the breakfast bar.
The dining area takes on a formal nature because the screen/art wall allows each space to have their own defined purpose. Crystal shades with LED lights illuminate the dining table. The floor-to-ceiling window provides ample light.