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1880 – 1900

Richardsonian Romanesque

Richardsonian Romanesque architecture is distinguished by its intricacy, sculpted shapes, and individuality. This eclectic style, created in the late 1800s, gives a sense of permanence and uniqueness to buildings that make them stand out, even among other historic, elegant buildings. Wentworth is a skilled architecture and remodeling company keeping this style alive for our clients in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

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What Is Richardsonian Romanesque?

The Richardsonian Romanesque style was named after architect Henry Hobson Richardson. Richardson adapted the style of the ancient Romans and combined it with medieval influences to create a beautiful, enduring style that inspires a sense of awe even today. Richardson practiced architecture as a fine art, and it showed in the detail of his work. Every detail of the Richardsonian Romanesque style was designed to evoke the feeling that these buildings would stand the test of time — and they have. Today, you can still find many buildings in this architectural style in places like Capitol Hill.

Richardsonian Romanesque Style
Richardsonian Romanesque Architecture

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This style typically uses solid masonry stonework, sometimes mixed with brick, to give a sense of permanence. Some of the stones used include limestone, granite, or sandstone. The stones are usually square-shaped with rough exposed faces.


Richardsonian Romanesque-style buildings often have hipped roofs with lower cross gables and large square masses capped by a hip roof. For townhouses, mansard roofs and front gabled roofs are more popular. There may also be round or polygonal towers with conical or pyramidal tower roofs.


A vital feature of these buildings includes wide-rounded arches around doors and windows. These arches should be semi-circles, rather than low-spring arches, that rest on free-standing or incorporated columns. Decorative windows often have arched tops and colonnettes on each side — and are often grouped in three or more. Windows are also often recessed deep into the masonry.


The entrance of a Richardsonian Romanesque-style building has an arched top and small columns on each side, with brick arranged in interesting patterns. There may also be decorative patterns incised into the stone lintels and trim.

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Richardsonian Romanesque Remodeling Services Offered

Wentworth can remodel your Richardsonian Romanesque-style home. Our extensive remodeling experience and appreciation for this unique style make us the perfect choice to renovate your historic home.

  • Build Richardsonian Romanesque-style home additions
  • Complete detailing work
  • Redesign interior configurations
  • Enhance any façades on your home
  • Provide interior design services

Our knowledgeable and skilled remodelers will treat your home with respect and bring out the beauty of its architectural style.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions we receive about the Richardsonian Romanesque style include:

The interior of Richardsonian Romanesque-style homes often features dark oak, arched stone fireplaces, large entrance halls, and paneled walls. There may also be intricate carvings or bold staircases.

Some facilities where you can see this style include the Minneapolis City Hall, the Cincinnati City Hall, the Old Post Office Building in Washington, DC, or the Barbour County Courthouse in West Virginia. This style was often used for municipal buildings but has been adapted for residences, too.