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Ready for Your Dream Home?

Your dream home is just a phone call away! Get in touch with the Wentworth team to discuss your project and let us help you bring your vision to life—whether it’s an expanded and modernized bathroom, a remodeled kitchen, or a new back porch.

View our portfolio to see past remodels we have completed in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia, and contact our award-winning team!


Home remodeling is a great way to add functionality to your home and increase its market value and curb appeal.


A Wentworth home addition will undoubtedly enhance the function and market value of your home, but we will never sacrifice the home’s architectural scale or historical charm to do so.

Reconfigured Spaces

A thoughtfully planned reconfiguration can enhance your home’s function, aesthetics, and market value without the cost and stress of an addition.

Custom Design Details

Whether it’s as simple as a unique door handle, or as complicated as a beautifully executed balcony off your master bedroom suite, Wentworth’s custom design services can make your house a home.

Interior Design

Wentworth can help make your dream home a reality! We love remodeling homes, and as designers and architects, we know that a home remodeling project is not complete unless we consider the design as a whole.

Facade Enhancements

From a fresh coat of paint to a well-groomed front sidewalk, small enhancements can improve both resale value and personal pride.