Bill S., Washington, DC

“ The creative direction, coupled with sure knowledge of how best to elaborate our existing home, added up to extraordinarily good value. ”

Home Custom Details
Making It Personal

Home custom details are always the product of thoughtful design and excellent craftsmanship. At Wentworth, we pride ourselves on designing custom features for our clients’ homes. We know how to incorporate cost-effective details without overindulging. A small detail can go a long way in making your house feel like a home!

Custom details are all about you: your personality, your likes, your passions and your own sense of luxury. Bespoke, unique, one-of-a-kind. These are all qualities of a Wentworth custom interior design detail. As a part of your home remodels, our team of architects and interior designers will work with you to design and build exquisite custom details. When used wisely and prudently, custom details can enhance not only everyday living but also the value of your home.

A Stunning Collection

Wentworth innovative way

Many homeowners are collectors. From antique plates to pottery, from glassware to artwork, Wentworth can design an innovative way to display your collection. A custom plate rack for your treasures can be incorporated into your new kitchen or dining room. A custom shelf built with plate rail is an unobtrusive way to highlight a photo collection. Built-in bookshelves around a media center will uniquely display your rare book collection or beloved music collection. No matter what decor you want to showcase or passion you want to incorporate in your design, custom design details can display it in a beautiful, creative way.