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“ We truly appreciate the time, effort, care and attention to all the details of our renovation that you have provided day to day throughout the project. This note is for you and anyone you might want to share it with. We love the way everything is turning out. ”

Abby B., Georgetown, Washington, DC

Wentworth provides cost-effective and comprehensive design-build services in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our award-winning team offers architecture, interior design, and construction under one roof! Put simply, we are your single point of contact and can help you turn your remodeling vision into a reality.
We discuss why homeowners are moving towards open floor plans, the benefits of this type of home layout, and how our team goes about remodeling for open floor plans (staying sensitive to the home’s original style).
We discuss the problems home additions can help solve, the value additions can add, and zoning.
We discuss considerations to make when doing a kitchen remodel as well as the trends we have seen.
We discuss bathroom design elements and important features to keep in mind when remodeling.
We discuss ideas for basement finishing/reconfiguration (children playrooms, additional bedrooms, and bathrooms, etc.) as well as considerations to keep in mind if you’re remodeling.
We discuss facade enhancements (exterior remodeling) and how it can add both monetary and emotional value to a home.
One of the most important steps in the remodeling process is choosing a design/build company. We discuss steps homeowners should take when choosing a company to work with.
This is a short video of one of Wentworth’s skilled carpenters making parts for the frames for drawer faces. The project is front hall shoe/accessory storage for a remodel in Georgetown.

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