Is a Home Addition a Good Investment?

A special place that not only provides shelter but also daily enjoyment, your home should look and function exactly how you want. Perhaps you’re growing your family and need more space. Or maybe your old home simply feels outdated and you don’t like the way it looks. An addition may be the right solution.

Are you on the fence about building a home addition? Are home additions worth it? Will adding more space to your home be a good investment? It depends on your personal situation! Generally speaking, a home addition can be an excellent long-term remodeling solution.

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Are Home Additions Worth It?

It’s no secret that home additions can be a lot of time and money—but building an addition is worth it if:

  • You have outgrown your home: Sometimes there’s just no getting around the fact that you need more space. But moving is not necessarily the right choice if you love your neighborhood and current home. When reconfiguring space (such as an unfinished basement or under-used garage) isn’t an option, an addition is a great investment.
  • Your home doesn’t match your lifestyle: Your home should work for you and your family. If your cramped townhouse kitchen is more suited for an informal, on-the-go lifestyle (which many houses here in Washington, DC area) and you want a space where you can cook large meals and enjoy a sit-down breakfast every morning, an addition can be practical.
  • You are pursuing more luxury and flexibility: There is nothing wrong with a little luxury! If you want a home tailored exactly to your wants and needs, consider an addition. It can be great solution for a hobby room, workout space, home gym or anything else.
  • You are planning for an aging-in-place design: Many older adults choose to live independently as they age—and it’s possible to do this with the right design. A home addition may even be necessary. For instance, if you need to eliminate stairs and expand the ground floor, a first-story addition is required. Senior adults may also wish for extra space for a hobby room, expanded porch area for relaxing, or something similar.

Whatever your case, the Wentworth design-build team can help you build a seamless home addition that works perfectly for your lifestyle, needs, and aesthetic preferences. We have experience building kitchen, bathroom, sunroom, and porch additions in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

View our gallery to see past additions we have built for homes throughout DC and the surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia!

“ I just want to take a moment to let you guys know just how happy we are with the designs. I was fully prepared to be disappointed because I had wild expectations and was incredibly excited. Instead I was blown away by every design you gave us. Any one of the addition designs would have more than satisfied my expectations and the fact I have to choose between them is incredible. Each one is so different but capture everything I wanted...Thank you so much for everything you have done so far. ”

S.R., Silver Spring, MD
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