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Sunroom Additions

Custom Sunroom Design & Build for Washington, DC  Area Homes

Sunroom addition within a interior deisgned house

A custom sunroom is a great addition to any home—it’s a place where the indoors meet the outdoors and serves many purposes, from eating  breakfast and watching the sunrise to relaxing with a good book to watching summer storms at night.

Although sunrooms or four-season rooms aren’t a necessity the way bathrooms and kitchens are, they are beautiful luxuries worth considering for your DC metropolitan area home!

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Considerations for Custom Sunrooms & Four-Season Rooms

A design-build company will help you with all the details, but in general, sunrooms are extremely customizable and can look exactly the way you want them to. Factors to consider and discuss with your design and installation team include:


Southern and eastern facing sunrooms get the most heat and sunlight. If you want to grow plants, you’ll want it pointed in one of these directions. Rooms that face north will get less sun exposure and be colder in the winter—but they’ll also face less heat gain during the summer, making it easier to maintain the temperature.


Do you need ventilation? Whether you’ll have screens, windows, or skylights is up to you, and we’ll be able to discuss with you the best option based on your needs and design preferences.

sunroom addition renovation

Heating and cooling

Will your sunroom require heating and cooling? If so, it will probably require an individual heating and cooling system with its own thermostat. Requirements will differ from other areas of the house, so the space’s heating and cooling system must be planned in advance.


Ideally the room should not be constructed on piers, with the underside of the floor exposed to the weather – it will be much colder. Preferably the foundation will consist of proper continuous masonry, with an insulated crawl space, especially if you’re using the sunroom as part of your living space. If you want to display plants in the room, it is wise to have an insulated concrete slab that allows for damp conditions and floor drains.

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Sunroom interior design and building doesn’t have to be complicated. When you choose the right-design build team to help, the project will go smoothly from start to end. If you live in the DC area and want to start your four-season room design, contact the award-winning team at Wentworth!

Advantages of Custom Sunrooms

Custom sunroom installation provides a number of benefits you can enjoy, including:

  • Enhanced aesthetics – sunrooms can enhance both the interior and exterior of your home and add unique architecture.
  • Increased function – from enjoying a meal outside without dealing with bugs to getting up close and personal with summer storms from the safety of your home, a custom sunroom can meet your needs.
  • Value – custom sunrooms can increase your home’s resale value and curb appeal, which is particularly useful if you think you’ll sell down the road.

Sunroom Installation in the DC Metropolitan Area

If you’re interested in a custom sunroom addition for your home in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia, Wentworth can help. We’ve designed hundreds of custom additions for homes in the area. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation!

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