Interior Space Reconfiguration

Attic Remodeling: Create More Livable Space in Your Home

If you’re outgrowing your home and need more space but don’t want to build an addition, interior space reconfiguration can be a practical alternative. You probably don’t know it, but there is a lot of potential in your home—and one of the first places you should look is the attic!

Converting your attic into a livable room is not only an excellent way to expand space but may also be possible at a reasonable cost, depending on the final design. Generally, a ceiling of the minimal legal height (7 feet, 6 inches), staircase at least 36 inches wide with risers and treads that meet current codes, and a bedroom egress window that meets current building codes will allow you to remodel your attic in the most cost-effective way. It doesn’t take a lot to transform your attic into a livable space!

Attic Conversions

How do you want to use the extra space? You can turn the attic into any room, such as a:

  • Home office
  • Bedroom
  • Library
  • Workspace for drawing, painting, wood work, etc.
  • And more

However you want to use your remodeled attic, it’s important to take energy efficiency into consideration and make it a space that is livable all year round. Wentworth can handle all the details of your attic remodeling project and make sure they are accounted for, such as:

  • Properly sealed ductwork
  • Heating and cooling (gas fired forced air, electric heat pumps, radiators, etc.)
  • Insulation
  • Piping and plumbing (particularly if you’re going to add a bathroom)
  • Shed dormer (great way to increase usable floor space of an attic and potentially add ceiling height)
  • Roof framing
  • And more

The Wentworth team has experience remodeling all types of attics and will make sure no detail is overlooked, and we will also make sure we produce the best results for you. For example, when dealing with roof framing and attic remodeling where structural analysis is required and the ridge beam must be supported structurally down to the foundation, we will consult with a structural engineer before construction to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Attic Remodeling Services in Maryland, DC & Virginia

Transforming your attic into usable space can be beneficial in any home, but there is much that goes into it. This is why it’s essential to talk to an experienced and licensed architect. Wentworth has remodeled attics throughout Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia and looks forward to helping you achieve your remodeling dreams.

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“ Rarely will you find a group of people in the remodeling industry who are this committed to high-quality craftsmanship. We've worked on two projects with Wentworth and would gladly do so again. I must first of all compliment their architects for having immense creative talents but also working extremely collaboratively. Some architects simply impose their will and/or style on their clients; not so, with Wentworth. Your space will be uniquely YOURS. In addition, they are the kind of "shop" that views every roadblock or challenge as an added opportunity for great results. Every project has its challenges, but when (the inevitable) problems arose on ours, Wentworth responded with solutions that improved the overall space, making it seem like that had been the plan all along. The commitment for high-quality work extends to their carpenters and project managers, whose eye for detail is a huge asset in the implementation phase. ”

N.T., McLean, VA