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Historic Styles

Tudor-Style Home (1890-1940)


  • Tudor style home
  • Tudor style home
  • Tudor style home
  • Tudor style home
  • Tudor style home

From small, quaint cottages to large countryside manors, Tudor-style homes are easy to recognize in the Washington, DC, area due to their two-toned exteriors with asymmetric half-timbering against light stucco or stone. Architects influenced by Old World styles built Tudor homes for wealthy American homeowners from 1890 to 1940, but Tudor homes peaked in popularity during the 1920s and 1930s with the booming of the stock market.

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Tudor Style Architecture

Characteristics of a Tudor-Style Home

Tudor-style homes stand out from other historic homes with their steeply pitched gable roofs, elegant masonry and stonework, and stately wooden beams set in a stucco or stone facade. The half-timber beams are typically placed vertically, but they are not load-bearing. They instead provide a beautiful decorative contrast against the lighter siding.


Builders used materials like dark wood, brick, and stucco for exterior elements. While the materials were simple, the doors, windows, and chimney were usually accented with intricate brick and stonework that gave each Tudor home its unique characteristics. The stonework also offers Tudor homes a feeling of permanence that isn’t present in other historic home styles, like the Colonial Revival style.


Roofs on Tudor-style homes are their most distinguishing feature. Tudor homes are known for having several front-facing gables that each have steep roof lines stretching from the highest point to about 10 feet off the ground. At least one or more of the gables might feature elegantly carved designs that match the style.


Tudor homes typically have large groupings of tall, narrow casement windows around the exterior. Also, there are often a few oriel windows of varying sizes with several panes of glass on either story of the home.


Front doors and entryways have highly decorative brick or stone detailing, but they are never found at the center of the home. They will stand out, but entrances are one of the features that give Tudor homes their quirky, asymmetric style.

Tudor Style

Tudor-Style Home Remodeling Services in Washington, DC, MD & VA

If you live in a Tudor home and want to update the interior or facade, you can trust our team at Wentworth to respect the original Tudor architectural style throughout the remodeling process. We specialize in remodeling historic homes in the Washington, DC, area and would be honored to repair damaged areas and update spaces within to meet the demands of modern-day life.

Wentworth offers the following Tudor home remodeling services:

  • Home additions: Our team can add a room or wing to your home that seamlessly transitions from the original structure.
  • Interior reconfigurations: 1930s interior design doesn’t accommodate today’s technology needs and modern-day floor plans. Our team can preserve the porcelain tile, grand entryway, and other unique elements while changing the interior to meet your needs.
  • Custom detailing: Our craftsmen can revitalize the plaster walls and interior woodwork while keeping the detailing historically accurate.
  • Interior design services: Tudor home interiors were as ornate and intricate as their exteriors. Our interior design team can help you pick furniture and accessories that stay true to the historical style while making the home your own.
  • Facade enhancements: Our team at Wentworth will use the same authentic, high-quality materials that builders used in your Tudor home’s original construction to make facade enhancements.

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Schedule a Consultation With Wentworth Tudor-Style Experts

Wentworth is honored to be the award-winning design-build firm in the DC Metro area that’s dedicated to preserving the style of historic homes while remodeling them for contemporary lifestyles. Our team follows a proven 10-step process to keep you up to date, so you’re never in the dark about the status of your project.

If you’re ready to begin your Tudor-style home remodeling project, request a consultation online or call us at (240) 383-1226 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I decorate a Tudor home?

Look for elaborate drapes, lavish rugs, and wrought-iron hardware to create a sense of luxury. You’ll want to incorporate rich, warm colors (like red and yellow) over cool colors (like blue and purple) into every area. Ornately patterned dark wood paneling could also fit well in sitting rooms, bedrooms, or guest rooms.

Can Wentworth repair or recreate damaged Tudor-style stonework?

Tudor-style homes usually have beautiful and unique stonework on the chimney or around entrances. Wentworth can repair structural damage and recreate versions of the intricate stonework to reinstall.

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