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redesigned kitchen with marble counter tops

Home Custom Details: Making It Personal

built in tile space with kitchen utensils and ingredientsCustom details are all about you: your personality, your likes, your passions and your own sense of luxury. Bespoke, unique, one-of-a-kind. These are all qualities of a Wentworth custom interior design detail. As a part of your home remodel, our team of architects and interior designers will work with you to design and build exquisite custom details. When used wisely and prudently, custom details can enhance not only everyday living but also the value of your home.

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Home custom details are always the product of thoughtful design and excellent craftsmanship. At Wentworth, we pride ourselves on designing custom features for our clients’ homes. We know how to incorporate cost-effective details without overindulging. A small detail can go a long way in making your house feel like a home!


Special Features

We all have a favorite, whether it’s passion for Italian architecture or a love of arched windows and doors. Let Wentworth feature your favorite. A thoughtful design can incorporate arched French doors and windows into a kitchen without overdoing it. An inset pattern adds unique detail to stone paving. Paneled wood wainscot enhances a library. Period-specific details, such as subway tiles in a kitchen or bath, can evoke your favorite era and maintain your home’s charm. Even if your passion involves the outdoors, Wentworth can effortlessly incorporate little details to make the home your own. When a serious gardener wanted just a bit of character for his home’s façade, we designed custom cut-outs in the profile of tulips to adorn exterior wall paneling. Strategic placement of customs details is the key to a home that doesn’t feel haphazard or mass produced.

A Stunning Collection

Color in the Kitchen

Many homeowners are collectors. From antique plates to pottery, from glassware to artwork, Wentworth can design an innovative way to display your collection. A custom plate rack for your treasures can be incorporated into your new kitchen or dining room. A custom shelf built with plate rail is an unobtrusive way to highlight a photo collection. Built-in bookshelves around a media center will uniquely display your rare book collection or beloved music collection. No matter what decor you want to showcase or passion you want to incorporate in your design, custom design details can display it in a beautiful, creative way.




Creature Comfort in Home Custom Details

Pets can be our best friends and our family members, and sometimes they deserve love in a home remodel. A custom feeding station for your beloved dog or cat can be flawlessly integrated into your kitchen design. Frustrated with the messy dog food storage container? Built-in storage for pet food in a new laundry room might be the perfect solution. Even the most exotic pets have a place in a custom interior design detail. For a client who loved her pet parrots as much as the rest of us love our dogs, Wentworth designed a cast iron profile of a parrot for her garden gate.

Laundry room interior redesign

Around the Dinner Table

Even a common dinner table can become a focal point in your home’s design. A custom banquette could be the place to gather for family pizza night. Or a detailed breakfast nook can make the morning’s flurry of activity less stressful. Our design-build team can design and construct a custom table to fit your breakfast space like a glove. From a trestle table to a racetrack shape in Cherry, Mahogany or Oak, Wentworth will design a table that works for your space and your family.

Customize Your Space

No matter what custom details you are interested in, Wentworth can help. We can incorporate small details that will make your Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC house into a beautiful home that fit your personal preferences and lifestyle. Contact Wentworth today for custom interior design details.

“ I'm very satisfied with your team's work on the project. From the concept to the design to the execution, you have been very creative, patient and meticulous. ”

C.D., Bethesda, MD