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Home Renovation in DC, MD & Northern VA


Kitchen Remodeling

When you hire Wentworth, Inc. for a new kitchen design, we handle all the details. We are your architect, designer, and builder. Because you will never have to further complicate the process by hiring a separate architect and kitchen designer, the Wentworth value is hard to beat. We will design your new kitchen layout, plan the space and select the appliances, countertops, and other finishes – all within our one simple design fee.


Bathroom Remodeling

They say the design of a bathroom is all in the details. We understand the joy of a functional bathroom, one where you aren’t cramped and uncomfortable. We also understand the importance and necessity of luxury details. A Wentworth bathroom remodel combines function and luxury even when it seems like an impossible match.


Basement Remodeling

If you want to add more space to your DC metropolitan area home without building an addition, basement remodeling is a viable option. Basement remodeling is a smart way to reap the benefits of unused space that already exists in your home. Basements, particularly cramped and dreary basements, can be put to better use as playrooms, home offices, guest rooms, exercise studios and more.


Garage Remodeling

Whether it’s used for parking or storage of sports equipment, a garage is a practical luxury and its benefits are many. For those of us who park our cars in a garage, escape from bad weather is one of the best benefits! In the winter your car is warmer and you never have to deal with frosty windows or snowy windshields. In the tight parking areas we’re so familiar with in Washington, DC, a garage certainly guarantees you won’t have to spend time searching for a spot on the street. Rarely-used back porches are also great for space reconfiguration.


Attic Remodeling

The attic holds a lot of potential for livable space if you need more room in your home but don’t want to build an addition or move away. Converting your attic into a livable room is not only an excellent way to expand space but may also be possible at a reasonable cost! The Wentworth team has experience converting different types of attics and will make sure no detail is overlooked.


Whole House Renovation

If you love your neighborhood but your beloved home no longer fits your needs or has enough space to accommodate your growing family, moving is not the only option. Often, when your home isn’t functioning the way you need it to, space reconfiguration or a whole house renovation may be the best solution to get what you need without having to put up a “for sale” sign.


Historic Home Remodeling

Remodeling a historic home requires not only sensitivity towards the original design and the architectural history, but also an understanding of the logistics involved with obtaining approvals for remodeling a home in a historic district. Over the years, the Wentworth team has gained extensive knowledge of the zoning, building codes and historic materials necessary to ensure any historic home remodeling project runs smoothly and produces a truly seamless final result.


Aging-in-Place Remodeling

A lot of people wish to stay at home throughout their maturing years, and with aging-in-place design, staying at home as long as possible is an easy reality. Aging in place refers to living in your home safely, comfortably, and independently no matter your age or ability level. According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the majority of homeowners want to age in place.

Home Remodeling in the DC Metropolitan Area

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“ Thank you so much for the very thoughtful gift and card you sent to welcome [our son] home. He has been following the baseball standings with great interest, and is looking forward to many messy meals with his Red Sox bib and bottle. And whether he realizes it or not, his meal times have been made much more pleasant - and his parents are much happier - because of the fabulous new kitchen you designed and built for us. It was really kind of you to think of us at this special time in our lives. ”

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