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Unhidden Potential in Your Home

Older homes tend to have cramped space and do not typically fit a modern lifestyle. Our informal, modern lifestyles of today are better suited to open floor plans and kitchens that open into adjacent living spaces. If your needs and ideas about your home are constantly evolving, reconfiguring interior space may be the perfect design solution to fit your home.

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At Wentworth we understand that interior space reconfiguration can be an efficient and cost-effective way to get the home of your dreams without building an expensive addition. With a more efficient floor plan, your home can be transformed into a space to fit your lifestyle. A careful design analysis by the Wentworth team will often reveal opportunities that were not immediately apparent. In many cases, your home is full of untapped potential: excessive hallway space, odd closet configurations, undersized or oversized rooms and poorly laid out circulation are all waiting to be transformed into more livable, usable space. Often a home does not need more space – just better space, and that’s where you can truly benefit from interior space reconfiguration!

Use Interior Space Reconfiguration to Cook up New & Improved Room

Your kitchen is the heart of the home. But many older homes feature kitchens with excessive doors and poor circulation, antiquated and oversized walk-in pantries and miniscule breakfast alcoves, thus clogging the flow and enjoyment of your prime living space. Merging these disparate spaces together can transform your interior. Simply removing a wall between the kitchen and the dining room can make a huge impact in a once cramped galley kitchen. Or a more complicated transformation of a kitchen’s adjacent garage into an open family room/kitchen space can make your home feel like new. Our award-winning architects and interior designers will assess your kitchen’s current layout and envision a new design – one that transforms unused space into a cohesive and contemporary open plan kitchen.

Taking a Bath, Creating a Room: Bathroom Interior Space Reconfiguration

Bathrooms pose a particular space challenge. Wentworth can evaluate your older, undersized bathroom and create solutions to get the most out of a tiny space. Borrowing from an adjacent space, whether a bedroom or a closet, might give a bathroom extra breathing room and improve overall functionality. And modern fixtures and bathroom cabinetry are much more space-efficient than their older counterparts. For today’s homeowners, multiple tubs in a home aren’t necessary, and a more practical use of space can include a large shower stall. If you’ve always dreamed of a spa-like master bathroom suite with double sinks and a generous shower stall, a reconfiguration of your master bath and bedroom could be all it takes to achieve your desired room.

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Buried Space

Basement interior space reconfiguration is a fantastic way to reap the benefits of unused space that already exists. Basements, particularly cramped and unused basements, can be put to better use as playrooms, home offices, guest rooms and exercise studios. With our careful design and planning, we can relocate mechanical equipment or a poorly located bathroom and alter ductwork and piping to gain headroom. Clever design features can take your basement from a dark, unattractive space to one of your home’s most used and loved rooms. Whether you want a remodeled basement to add space to your home or to indulge a special interest – from an exercise room to a multimedia room – Wentworth can take your once buried basement and make the space part of your home.

Whether you need more space or want a new design for your basement, kitchen or bedroom and bathroom, efficient interior space reconfiguration from Wentworth can make your home more beautiful and functional. We can turn your cramped kitchen into a sunny, spacious area or create the spa-like master bathroom you’ve always wanted! Call us today for your interior space reconfiguration.

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