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On the Wentworth Drawing Board

Visualizing the unbuilt is an important part of home design and remodeling. At Wentworth, Inc., we help our clients visualize—to “see” what we have designed for them. To do this, we most often use 3D computer modeling. With computer-aided design (CAD), our professionals create interior and exterior perspectives to help clients understand the new home design and see how the addition will look, feel, and perform.

Examples of What We’ve Done for Past Remodels in the Washington, DC Area

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Tudor home Addition (Different Options Presented)

Home Addition CAD
Home Addition 3D Computer Modeling

3-Season Room in NW Washington, DC

3-Season Porch CAD

3-D Drawing of Screen Porch

Row House Addition in Capitol Hill

Row House Addition CAD

Rear Screened-Porch Addition in NW Washington, DC

Rear Porch Exterior CAD

Rear Porch Interior CAD

Row House Addition in Capitol Hill

Row House Addition Exterior CAD

Row House Addition Interior CAD

Cardboard Study Models

We have also completed cardboard study models for remodeling projects. Below is an example of the model and the actual house for a front porch and façade remodeling project in Arlington, Virginia.

Remodel Cardboard Study Model
Home Remodel Arlington, VA


Hand Sketches

Row House Addition Hand Sketch

Woodley Park Home Addition Sketch

Home Design Sketch

Architect Drawing

Dining Room & Porch Addition Sketch

Home Addition Sketch

Home Addition Architect Drawing

Read more about design-build CAD and 3D modeling on our blog:

“ I'm only writing to thank you for a truly fantastic educational and informative website. I'm on the havre de grace historical preservation commission and often need to identify the style of one of our historical homes. without architectural training it can be difficult. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to copy your page of styles and distribute it to commission members, along with credit to your website. It's truly exciting to find your website. thank you so much for sharing the information. ”

M.O., Havre de Grace, MD