Historic Home Remodeling in DC, MD & VA

Washington, DC and its suburbs are home to numerous historic districts, each with its own historic styles and set of regulations. Wentworth, Inc. has experience remodeling these homes in a wide range of styles and neighborhoods, ranging from Capitol Hill to Georgetown and Woodley Park, DC to Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Just as each neighborhood and home is different, each historic district has its own specific set of requirements when it comes to remodeling.

Remodeling a historic home requires not only sensitivity towards original design and architectural history but also an understanding of the logistics involved with obtaining approvals for remodeling in a specific district. Throughout the years, the Wentworth team has gained extensive knowledge of the zoning, building codes, and materials necessary to ensure any remodeling project runs smoothly and produces a truly seamless final result.

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Historic Home Restoration Contractors in MD, DC & VA

Historic Home Remodel in NW DC

Your old home may feature architectural charm and unique details uncommon in today’s mass-produced homes, and yet it may also be in need of some upgrades to suit your modern lifestyle. Fortunately, with the right design team of architects and builders who understand the delicate balance of merging the old with the new, you can remodel your historic home to fit your contemporary lifestyle, while still maintaining its original historic style and charm.

Whether you live in a Victorian Italianate, a Colonial Revival, or an American Bungalow, the style of your home will help dictate the direction of the design. Custom design details and finishing touches are essential elements of a historic home remodel – one that looks and feels as though it belongs with the original home. The Wentworth team will carefully consider construction techniques and materials to ensure they are appropriate for your home’s architectural style.

Remodeling Ideas

Wondering where to start with your historic home renovation? There are a large number of contemporary touches that are perfect for renovating an older house. Some of the many include:

Whether you have a sketch of what you want your newly remodeled Dupont Circle home to look like or have no clue where to begin your historic home renovation in Foxhall Village, our design-build team can determine what would be best for you and your family.

Beyond unique building methods and looks, historic homes and their owners often have stories to tell, ones that should be respected and understood before contracts are signed and walls are torn down. With Wentworth, you will find a design-build team committed to respecting those stories for generations to come!

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“ Rarely will you find a group of people in the remodeling industry who are this committed to high-quality craftsmanship. We've worked on two projects with Wentworth and would gladly do so again. I must first of all compliment their architects for having immense creative talents but also working extremely collaboratively. Some architects simply impose their will and/or style on their clients; not so, with Wentworth. Your space will be uniquely YOURS. In addition, they are the kind of "shop" that views every roadblock or challenge as an added opportunity for great results. Every project has its challenges, but when (the inevitable) problems arose on ours, Wentworth responded with solutions that improved the overall space, making it seem like that had been the plan all along. The commitment for high-quality work extends to their carpenters and project managers, whose eye for detail is a huge asset in the implementation phase. ”

N.T., McLean, VA