Age-in-Place Remodeling Washington, DC

Aging-in-Place Design & Remodeling

Many people wish to stay at home throughout their maturing years, and with age-in-place design, staying at home as long as possible is an easy reality. Aging in place refers to living in your home safely, comfortably, and independently no matter your age or ability level. According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the majority of homeowners want to age in place.

Staying in your home is not only a practical and cost-effective path for retirement, but it’s also comfortable and more enjoyable—and Wentworth, Inc. can help with your universal design and remodeling project in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. If you’re ready to discuss your project, contact our team!

Age-in-Place Design Requirements

The three keys to aging-in-place home design are safety, comfort and customization.


Aesthetics are, of course, important in any remodel, but safety should come first in the case of aging-in-place design. What good is a fancy shower door if you cannot get into and out of the shower easily and safely? Common features that are incorporated into homes for those who wish to stay in place include:

  • Grab bars (in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, and bedrooms)
  • Curbless shower stalls
  • Shower stalls with integrated benches
  • Placement of essential rooms—the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom—on the first level

Special care is taken to avoid the common features of everyday living that can be dangerous to folks who are aging in place—such as loose throw rugs and obstructed pathways.


Comfort is also important but is sometimes more synonymous with luxury than safety. As long as appropriate safety measures are taken, there is nothing wrong with some comfort and indulgence! Many homeowners who are staying in their home wish to add features solely for comfort, such as:

  • Heated floors
  • Heated towel racks for the bathroom
  • Soaking tubs with steps and grab bars
  • And more

There are plenty of ways to improve livability in unobtrusive ways, and the Wentworth design-build team has created universal home designs that are both safe and luxurious.


Wentworth never creates two homes that are exactly alike—your home is all about you, and aging in place is the same way. Your home is personal and how you live in it should be too, especially if it’s for the next ten, twenty, or more years! Give it some personal touches. We’ve had clients request hobby rooms, a TV room with exhaust fans for cigar smoking, glassed in porch sides at the front door for extra protection from inclement weather, and more.

Age in Place Safely & Comfortably

Wentworth’s design-build team can help you customize your home and ensure it’s as safe and comfortable as possible so you can age in place in the most dignified and graceful way possible. If you need aging-in-place design and remodeling services in Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia, we are the company to call.

Browse our photo gallery to see past remodels we’ve done in the area—and contact us if you’re ready to begin your new aging-in-place design!

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