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Home Additions in Maryland, Northern Virginia & Washington, DC

porch home additionDo you love your neighborhood and your home’s charm but feel you’re getting limited by space? Moving isn’t the only option, and you shouldn’t have to if you want to stay in your current home! An addition to your home could be a smart and economical solution. Wentworth home additions allow you to keep the things you like about your home while changing the things you don’t. Whether it’s for your growing family or a budding chef who needs more kitchen space, a thoughtfully designed addition can enhance the function, aesthetic, and market value of your home.

Kitchen, bathroom, and other home additions require careful architectural study. That’s why our Washington, DC area architect-led design-build firm is uniquely qualified to handle home additions. When your architect, interior designer, and construction team work together on a project, the finished product will reflect that same sense of cohesion.

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Common Additions for MD Homes

You have many different options in regards to adding on to your home, including:

Zoning Regulations & Other Details for Home Additions

Before you opt for a home addition, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Many DC-area neighborhoods and communities are governed by historic district regulations or homeowner associations’ architectural controls. Our home addition builders are well-versed in designing a space to fit within the confines of a neighborhood’s particular rules and regulations. A neighborhood’s zoning regulations also require careful analysis when designing an addition. At Wentworth, we analyze side and rear yard regulations before suggesting a design for your new kitchen addition, bathroom addition, in-law suite addition, or any other type. Quality home additions in an historical neighborhood may require additional thought and time at the outset, but the result will be one that fits your modern life and your historical home.

Many clients also come to us asking how much a home addition will cost. The answer depends almost entirely on the scope of the addition and the materials used. Adding on a 20×20′ room will require a different budget than a second-story addition. We will cover your budget early on in the design process and execute the design accordingly. 

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Wentworth’s Approach to Home Additions in the DMV Area

Many homes in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia offer architectural character and historical charm. You should never have to sacrifice what makes your home unique in order to add space. At every design and construction decision, a Wentworth addition design always takes the home’s existing architectural style and period into consideration. Even if you’re looking to add a modern spin to your period home, we can integrate the old and the new through the careful study of your home’s proportions, scale, rooflines, current materials, and design details.

We will coordinate every detail to ensure a seamless integration of your existing home with the new addition. A Wentworth home addition will never look like it was slapped on as an afterthought. To get a clear picture of how home additions will best suit your lifestyle, our team of award-winning architects and interior designers will examine every detail of your home and its neighborhood. A truly successful home addition is one that doesn’t dwarf your home’s lot. In other words, a home addition should look like it was meant to be there.

Homeowners often underestimate the importance of rooflines when designing an addition. A home addition should be designed with a roof that resembles the existing home’s architectural style, whether it’s gable, hip, gambrel, or dormers. A replication of the home’s current roof pitch ensures an integrated design with an older home. Roofing materials should also be complementary to the home’s current roofing material. Our extensive knowledge of architectural historical styles allows us to uniquely envision an addition to best fit your home’s unique features.

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Be Materialistic

We understand the importance of selecting materials to resemble and complement your home’s architectural style. Most homes, and especially more traditional homes, typically consist of three exterior wall materials: stone, brick and wood. Your new home addition design should selectively incorporate similar materials. Our team of architects and interior designers will help you decide where materials should be placed on a new façade or addition. With a home addition, we design from the inside out. This iterative process allows us to first satisfy the functional requirements of the addition. The home addition design process can involve a struggle between interior requirements and exterior requirements. Based on our years of experience designing and building home additions, we understand that this struggle results in the best design solution and the perfect combination of function and aesthetics. There are a multitude of decisions to consider when designing the exterior:

  • How can the design ensure the new construction is unobtrusive and does not overshadow the original house?
  • Should new stone work contrast with a light brick veneer or stucco?
  • Is wood siding most appropriate for gable ends?

Home additionin with large windows The answers to the above questions are imperative to successful home additions. Let our experienced team guide you through the process. Wentworth has successfully completed numerous Washington, DC area home additions, and we know from experience that strategic design choices make all the difference when adding on to your home.

The Right Windows

Although the importance of windows can be mistakenly overlooked when designing a home addition, we understand the need for strategic window choices. New windows must be appropriate to the style and period of the home. Whether the existing structure utilizes double hung, casement or awning windows, Wentworth will help you choose the best windows for your addition. No matter the detail, we’ll ask the questions and help you find the answers:

  • What style of window is best for my project?
  • What is best functionally and stylistically for your project?
  • What windows capture the best views? Or, if your view is unattractive, how can we use windows to capture daylight without highlighting the view?
  • Are skylights a better choice than windows for your project?

Washington, DC Area Home Addition Builders

Thoughtful design, an essential component of the Wentworth process, is the key to building the perfect addition and creating the home you’ve always imagined. Both exterior additions (sunrooms, porches, etc.) and interior expansions (kitchen additions, rear wings, etc.) can enhance the beauty and livability of any home.

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