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Porch Design Services for Your Home in DC, MD, or VA

Transforming your living space starts with a vision, and that vision often begins right at your front door. At Wentworth, we understand the power of first impressions and the importance of creating a welcoming home entrance. A beautifully designed front porch enhances curb appeal and extends your living space, bringing the comfort of the indoors to the outside. Our porch design team would be happy to help you create the perfect space that reflects your style and meets your needs.

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Benefits of Adding a Front Porch

There are plenty of reasons to prioritize the outdoor living space in front of your house. Here’s how adding a porch can improve your quality of life and home value:

  • Functionality: A porch serves as an additional living area where you can relax with a good book on a quiet weeknight or entertain guests on the weekend.
  • Fresh air: Enjoy the outdoors more comfortably. From sipping your morning coffee to unwinding after a long day, you’ll be more inclined to get some fresh air when you have a beautiful front porch.
  • Curb appeal: A well-designed porch elevates your home’s appearance even when you’re not outside to enjoy it, making the front entrance more welcoming to visitors.
  • Increased home value: Buyers tend to perceive homes with porches as more desirable, increasing interest in your property and possibly allowing you to raise your asking price.

Porch Design Services

At Wentworth, we believe a porch is more than just a deck connected to the front of your home — it’s a piece of architecture that elevates your home’s curb appeal and adds enjoyment to your daily life. Our reputation for delivering custom design solutions sets us apart. We only use practical, high-quality materials to ensure durability and beauty in every project. Our commitment to craftsmanship is evident in our attention to detail and the personalized touches we bring to every porch addition. Plus, with our comprehensive project management, you can trust that your home upgrade is in skilled hands from start to finish.

Popular Porch Designs

The goal is for your porch to reflect your home’s unique architecture and personal style. Consider these popular porch designs you can customize to meet your needs:

  • Open, covered porches are perfect for those who love to feel the breeze and connect with their surroundings without leaving the shade.
  • Screened-in porches let you enjoy the outdoors without the bugs. This option provides a comfortable, partially enclosed space for relaxation.
  • Fully enclosed porches offer the best of both worlds  natural light and views with a buffer from the elements, making them a year-round retreat.
  • Wrap-around porches boast the ultimate curb appeal and functionality, offering multiple entry points and expansive outdoor living space without encroaching on your yard.
  • Second-story verandas elevate your outdoor experience, providing stunning views and a private escape above ground level.

Get Inspiredporch design with large greek columns and ceiling fan

Wentworth has extensive experience making architectural improvements to homes in the DC area, allowing us to blend your porch seamlessly with your home’s existing facade and your aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the classic charm of a traditional porch or the sleek lines of a more modern design, our in-house, architect-led design team can turn your ideas into a reality.

We invite you to browse our home additions gallery for inspiration and to help you envision the possibilities for your own home. Then, contact us at (240) 383-1226 to schedule a porch design consultation in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia.

Porch Additions

If you already have a porch but want a new look for it, the Wentworth team can help. We can remodel your porch and add an addition that better complements your home’s architecture and is more fitting for your lifestyle. Whether you want to add an area for eating or transform your small porch that’s falling apart into a beautiful screened-in space, call the Washington, DC area porch design experts at Wentworth. You shouldn’t have to settle for a porch that you think is only OK – you should love your porch and be able to use it whenever and for whatever purpose you want! If you’re thinking of adding livable outdoor space, we invite you to call the Wentworth team. We can discuss your needs and to help you find the perfect porch design for your home. Contact Wentworth today for any porch design or addition services in the Washington, DC area!

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