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Home Remodeling in Alexandria, Virginia

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Do you want to remodel your home in Alexandria, Virginia? Many homes in the area are older and sometimes poorly laid out—but Wentworth can help with that. We are a local architect-led home remodeling company dedicated to renovating homes to fit modern lifestyles. Whether you live in Old Town, Rosemont, Del Ray, Arlandria, or anywhere else in Northern Virginia, we serve your neighborhood! Our team specializes in modernizing homes and making them more efficient while staying true to their original architecture and character.

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“Wentworth Studios turned our boring box into a beautiful, functional
living space. They listened to our needs and ideas and gave us graceful
solutions that far exceeded our expectations. Wentworth’s cost was
told to me upfront and there was never a deviation from that cost. It
is a joy every day to live within the practical and elegant spaces
Wentworth designed and built for us. I would strongly recommend
– Mary D.

The Benefits of Working with a Design-Build Company

At Wentworth, we don’t just offer homeowners in Alexandria and the surrounding Washington, DC area home remodeling—we provide architecture, interior design and construction services. This is better for the homeowner, as it increases accountability, facilitates better communication and ensures an overall smoother remodeling project. Our team will work together to make sure you get your dream home!

Though the process of remodeling your home can be a torturous one, Wentworth lays it all out for a smooth, efficient project. We start by establishing your goals and vision, then move onto the budget, and then dive into the design. The overall cost of your remodel will depend primarily on the scope of the work and the materials used. And, if you’re not sure what you want your updated home to look like, get some home renovation idea inspiration from our portfolio!Home Remodeling Alexandria, VA

Alexandria Kitchen Remodeling

Nowadays, the kitchen is used for more than just cooking, and it should fit your everyday life. A kitchen remodeling project is a favorite of Wentworth; it is a great way to blend function and design. A smart and sensitive kitchen remodel can add value to your home and turn a formerly cramped room into a custom space that suits your every need and stylistic preferences.

We begin every kitchen remodeling project with research and base our design on the homeowners’ needs and desires. Our experience has shown us that a truly great kitchen is one that is functional and beautiful. We have successfully remodeled hundreds of Alexandria, Virginia kitchens with stunning results, on time and within budget.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Just because a bathroom is a daily necessity doesn’t mean it can’t also be a place of serenity with spa-like features and indulgences. When you hire Wentworth to design and build your new bathroom, the final product will improve your daily routine and add exceptional value to your home.

Our holistic approach to bathroom design takes into consideration all aspects of the current bathroom and surrounding rooms. A bathroom remodeling project can be as simple as updating the bathroom within its current footprint, but typically involves the redesign and reconfiguration of a cramped bathroom and master bedroom. Many of the older homes traditionally found in Alexandria are charming but feature bathrooms that leave a lot to be desired. Using our years of experience with home remodeling, we are able to effectively maximize size and minimize cost when approaching a master bathroom remodel.

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Space Reconfiguration

Today, many homeowners’ lifestyles are better suited to open plan kitchens and living spaces, and reconfiguring your home’s current layout may solve your frustrations while maintaining the things you love about your home. Reconfiguring your home’s interior space can be an effective way to achieve your dream home without the expense of putting on a whole new addition. A more efficient floor plan often reveals untapped potential in your home: extra hallway space, old closet configurations, and oversized guest rooms are all areas that can be transformed into usable, functional space. A home does not often need more space—existing space simply needs to be better utilized.

Basements are a particularly valuable area of your Alexandria, Virginia home. Reconfiguring basement space is a valuable way to benefit from space that already exists in your home. Basement space can often be put to better use as playrooms, home offices, and entertainment spaces. In order to maximize basement space, Wentworth can move or conceal existing mechanical equipment, alter ductwork to gain space, and relocate a poorly laid-out bathroom.

Home Additions Alexandria, VA

Home Additions in Alexandria

If you love your Alexandria neighborhood and don’t want to move to accommodate a growing family unless absolutely necessary, a home addition may be an economical and efficient solution. A Wentworth home addition allows you to keep things you love about your home while improving upon the things you don’t. Whether it’s a larger kitchen, a new bathroom or an extra bedroom, home additions require careful architectural study. Our experienced and award-winning design-build team has worked on numerous home additions in Alexandria, Virginia, and we understand that a cohesive home addition is achieved through a collaborative design whereby you, your architect, interior designer, and construction team work together to achieve the desired design and budget results.

Custom Home Details

Custom home details are a way you mark your home as uniquely yours. A Wentworth home remodel can transform your Alexandria home and add special details and features that fit your lifestyle and design preferences. Custom home details can be simple paneled wood wainscot to enhance a library space. Or new crown molding with exquisite detailing. Or, in the case of a custom banquette to accommodate your large family dinners, custom details can become the focal point of a room. Used right, custom home details can make a significant difference.

Garage Remodeling in Alexandria, VA

From parking to storage, garages can provide the extra space homeowners need. Over the years, the Wentworth design-build team has completed several garage additions and conversions in Alexandria, VA. 

Our garage remodeling and addition projects have ranged from attached and detached garages to two-car brick garages and simple one-car vinyl siding units. No matter what type of garage you have—and what your garage remodeling plans may be, our addition builders in Alexandria can handle everything necessary to transform your space and give you the functionality you want and need from your home’s garage!

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Award-Winning Alexandria Remodelers

In Alexandria, Virginia, from the Berg to Old Town and everything in between, we offer home design, home building, home remodeling and renovation, home space conversion and custom details. The award-winning Wentworth design-build team can build you the custom home you’ve always wanted!

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“ You overcame site restrictions, articulated a historic style on a large scale, and found ways to accommodate all the requirements of a 21st century home ”

Anonymous, Washington, DC