Home Interiors

Home Interiors Philosophy

Wentworth creates home interiors based on our founding principle: achieving livable luxury within a whole environment of comfort and beauty. Specializing in transitionally styled interiors, our interior designs bring harmonious, personal style to your home in a seamless blend of old and new.

When it comes to home interior design, Wentworth understands the importance of creating a personal haven reflective of your individual preferences, lifestyle and personality. We do this in the context of timeless designs that are sensitive to your home’s architectural style and immediate surroundings, integrating the interiors carefully with the structure and site.

Home Interior Design Values

Wentworth’s home interior design team provides the aesthetic cohesion often lacking in the remodeling industry. We encourage clients to utilize our interior design expertise to ensure a successful, integrated home remodeling project with maximum creativity.

Whether you want a whole new interior for your home or are building a kitchen addition, Wentworth will take every detail into account – your lifestyle, needs, budget, etc. We take a holistic approach to every single home interior design project. With our interior design team, it’s about seeing the little details AND the bigger picture and putting it together to create a functional, beautiful space you can enjoy for years.

Well-executed interior design is vital to creating a home you will not only enjoy but absolutely LOVE! No matter what your home interior needs are, Wentworth will make sure it comes to life exactly the way you envisioned.

If you need only home interior services, Wentworth can still help you. We can provide interior design independently of our architectural and construction services.

Home Interior Ideas

Do you know exactly what you want your new home interior to look like? Great! Do you have just a couple ideas but need the guidance of professional interior designers? No problem – the Wentworth interior design team can help you find a look you’ll fall in love with!

Questions you can ask yourself to help inspire ideas are:

  • How is my kitchen mainly used? For entertaining? For casually hanging out? For preparing large meals?
  • Any specific design aspects I prefer? Examples include bay windows, granite countertops, skylights, etc.
  • Do I want an open floor plan?
  • Should my rooms have a theme? What themes and styles (old world, modern, etc.) do I like?

There are many other questions, of course, and our interior designers can ask you to get a better idea of your personal tastes and needs.

If you’re looking for interior designers in Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia, you’ve come to the right place! Contact us to learn more about our home interior design services and philosophy.

“ Hi, Bruce,
I look forward to your articles in Chevy Chase Village Life -- I love bungalows so I immediately read the article in the latest issue that arrived yesterday (as your team was here planning for the photo shoot). I also liked the Sponsor Spotlight this month -- featuring your company. Is it possible to get a reprint or link to your article on porches that appeared recently? I would love to add one to our NC beach home, but so far no one has been able to figure out how to get access from the inside to the outside! I know my sister would love to see the article too. Thanks for ALL of your amazing work. I hope you will feel free (and confident) to use us as references. The only hard part will be communicating what an outstanding job -- beyond our high expectations -- your team did for us. We are demanding, but your team is more demanding in the excellence that they deliver. ”

Linda, Chevy Chase, MD