4 Bedroom Remodeling Ideas to Consider

You start and end the day in your bedroom—as such an important room in terms of daily living, this space should match your aesthetic tastes and have a thoughtful, practical design. The design options are limitless, whether you want your room to be chic and modern or comfortable, cozy, and inviting.

Remodeling your bedroom and looking for ideas? From our years of experience, the Wentworth team has compiled a list of tips to keep in mind.

Maximize Vertical Space

Building up, rather than out, can be a smart solution for small bedrooms. We often recommend custom shelving or built-in wall niches. Not only can the right shelves be attractive but they can also provide needed storage without taking up much room.

Use pops of color

Bedroom RemodelingDifferent colors can have different effects—for example, purple can be calming and serene—and using them in the right way can enhance your home’s overall design. Pops of color work for any space, regardless of size or style.

Add a focal point

You can add a little something to your bedroom by having a beautiful focal point to command attention. This can be a:

  • Custom built-in
  • Décor piece
  • Fireplace
  • Lamp

Small or large, a thoughtful focal point can complement the design of the room without taking away from it.

Let in light

We love designing spaces that incorporate natural light. All bedrooms require a window—but you may want to put in an additional window. Skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows can add not only light but also visual interest.

Bedroom Remodeling in Washington, DC

If you live in the DC metropolitan area, the award-winning team at Wentworth looks forward to working with you to create the bedroom you’ve always wanted. View our portfolio for more ideas and call us today!

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