Why is it Important to Cover Your AC Condenser in DC?

AC Condenser Cover Project

Lots can be quite small in the Washington, DC area, and having two bulky air conditioning condensers located right in the prime real estate of the backyard does not help. At Wentworth, we are excited to offer creative solutions to our clients’ home remodeling issues. In this instance, our air conditioning cover project added usable space to the home with a new wood deck, while simultaneously hiding and protecting the air conditioning condensers. Now our clients can enjoy their beautiful new deck and backyard without compromising access to the AC units for repairs.

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Why is it Important to Cover Your AC Condenser?

Wentworth deck remodelAn air conditioning condenser uses a set of coils to shed the heat from inside the home, similar to a car’s radiator. By covering the AC condenser during the winter, you can keep much of the snow, ice, leaves, twigs, and debris out of the condenser coils, limiting damage to the delicate fins that help with heat transfers. For the summer months, an open grate or cage can prevent large objects from falling into the condenser fan, damaging the blades or motor, and it can also add some extra shading without comprising airflow for improved AC efficiency.

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Our Recent AC Condenser Cover Project in Northwest DC

During a recent remodeling project in northwest Washington, DC, our team at Wentworth devised a unique solution to add a custom deck to the backyard of a rowhouse without having to relocate the existing air conditioning condensers.

As described by our team:

One of our carpenters and our production manager, Steven Barnard, welded a metal grate that sits in an elevated deck. The metal grate is over the top of two condensers, which allows them to breathe and get air circulation. This choice was made to avoid moving the two condensers onto the roof (it saves money and is easier to service placing them under the deck). Imagine a tight, 13-foot wide rowhouse with a small back yard that is now filled with new ipe wood deck, stairs down to the alley, and two condensers. There’s a new fence as well. We are renovating their first-floor kitchen/dining/living space, rear deck, second-floor master bath, master bedroom, den, and closets. The interior of the first and second floors were gutted. This is a $347,000 remodeling, to give you an idea of scope. This project took place in Northwest DC.

It is creative solutions like this that make our company one of the best home remodeling contractors in the DC area. We will go to great lengths to meet the needs of our customers, and we offer superior service and workmanship with every job. At Wentworth, we are 100% committed to your satisfaction.

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