Kitchen Banquette Seating

Banquette Seating

Although a traditional table and chair set might not necessarily catch your attention when you walk into a kitchen, there are types of seating that can make a statement and offer much more! Banquette seating is a good option for many kitchens.

Banquette Design

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the term “banquette,” you’ve most likely seen banquette seating in a kitchen. Banquettes refer to upholstered bench seating, usually built into the wall. They can be configured into different shapes—I, L, and U. U-shaped banquette designs can be harder to get into and out of and require more room. We usually build straight-across or L-shaped banquettes. Banquette seating:

  • Can be space-saving
  • Is comfortable
  • Provides seating for larger groups
  • Can provide extra storage

Banquette seating is great—but not for every kitchen. The space you do have is a major factor if you’re considering installing a banquette. You have to have enough depth to make the bench comfortable, and in some kitchens, banquette seating doesn’t architecturally fit. We recommend the bench be approximately 18 inches tall and base recessed or angled for more foot room. If you want to use the banquette for storage, you’ll want drawers rather than lift-up, hinged seating for easier access.

Kitchen Banquette Seating Tips

Banquette Seat

An experienced design-build company like Wentworth will be able to help you work out all the details, but in general, keep the following in mind when you’re considering banquette seating for your kitchen:

  • Corner banquettes are great space-savers
  • Round tables work well with corner banquettes
  • Banquettes are ideal by windows
  • Outdoor fabrics are good to use (try to avoid fabrics that are slippery and stain easily)

Wentworth was recently featured in The Washington Post for designing a kitchen in Potomac with banquette seating. Visit our news page to learn more—and contact us to learn more or if you’re ready for a kitchen renovation that includes a banquette design!

“ Dear Bruce, We are so pleased with our new room addition, designed and constructed by Wentworth, Inc. Mr. Lach gave us a design that elevates our spirits each day and brings praise from friends and neighbors who have seen the room in actuality or iPhone photos. Steve Barnard has our highest praise for triumph over single-digit temps, record snows, and personal changes to oversee and manage the on-site Wentworth team. His craftsmanship with built-in bookcases both in the new room and dining room will continue to give us pleasure for years to come. Carpenter Juan is a valuable asset to your company and its client-homeowners. Consistently punctual at 7 a.m., skilled in workmanship and explanations to homeowners, good team leader and good team player. With our gratitude for all the meetings here and at your office, for you and your team who worked with us every step of the way, and our warmest regards, ”

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