A Quick Guide To Basement Suites | MD, DC, VA

Is a Basement Suite Right for You?

Basement Suite

Do you have elderly loved ones who can’t live on their own? Interested in staying in your home as you age? A basement or other in-law suite can be a great solution for both situations. It allows for convenient care for aging or disabled individuals while helping them maintain their independence.

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In-Law Suite Ideas & Options

In general, the suite should have its own kitchenette, bath, bedroom and possibly a small living space, and it could be designed with as little as 400-500 square feet—about the size and cost of a small apartment. When the suite is constructed as a separate wing, it can have windows on three sides for the best natural light and ventilation.

Basement suites are often a convenient solution, especially for those that have limited or no land space or zoning restrictions. Popular options include:

  • Murphy beds
  • Bar and kitchen area
  • Small living space with a table and place to sit (couch, loveseat, armchairs, etc.)
  • Screen or sliding doors for privacy

Have grandchildren who interact with your elderly loved ones? You can transform the basement into both a playroom and in-law suite.

Basement Playroom & Sleeping Nook

Basement Suite Additions in MD, DC & VA

Do you want to discuss your suite options? The award-winning team at Wentworth has experience building in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We can help you answer the question “Should I build a basement suite?” and determine the best solution based on your lifestyle, needs, budget, and home (land, zoning, style, etc.). We look forward to working with you!

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