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When Is the Best Time to Remodel Your Home?

Are you thinking about remodeling your home? One of the first things many homeowners ask about is the time of year to start. When is the best time of year to remodel a house?

Remodeling is performed on a year-round basis with most work—which involves reconfiguration of the interior spaces, not significantly impacted by the weather. However, below are three tips that can be your guide when remodeling, with special consideration given to weather conditions:

  • If you are considering a home addition, the footing/foundation concrete/masonry work would ideally be done when the earth is not frozen and temperatures are above freezing. In the Washington, DC metropolitan area, this often means avoiding footing/foundation work in January and February. But there are additives that can be mixed with the concrete and mortar to compensate for freezing temperatures to allow cold weather work. Once a foundation is in place, the framing and other necessary construction can commence despite cold or hot weather. A serious blizzard, hurricane, or rainstorm might slow work progress, but are manageable despite schedule setbacks.
  • If you’re planning to remove the roof to build a second floor, it is beneficial to do the work when there is less rain and snow, which means summer and fall. Once the new addition is framed, enclosed, and made weather-tight with roofing and windows, the interior work can commence uninterrupted by weather conditions.
  • Being without a place to cook during a kitchen remodel can be inconvenient or even stressful—depending on your lifestyle and schedule. This is why some homeowners opt to renovate their kitchen before or after the winter months so that they can use an outdoor grill rather than eat every meal in a restaurant.

When is the best time of year to remodel your kitchen or home? Summarizing the points above, the weather is one of the main factors in remodeling timing—but it also comes down to your preferences and the type of project you’re completing. Home renovation can really be done, for the most part, any time. It just takes thoughtful planning and a good design-build team!

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