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Looking for a remodeling company in the Bethesda, Maryland area? Whether you’re looking to add a few custom details to your home, build an addition, or fully remodel, look no further. Wentworth is a premier home remodeling company located in Chevy Chase, just minutes from Bethesda. We remodel homes all over the area, from Edgemoor to the downtown area and everywhere in between!

Every Wentworth project takes a home’s history, design, and surrounding neighborhood into consideration, and our award-winning design-build team knows how to seamlessly integrate the old with the new when remodeling homes. See what a happy client said about our services:

“I’m very satisfied with your team’s work on the project. From the concept to the design to the execution, you have been very creative, patient and meticulous.”  – C.D.

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Consider Zoning & Building Codes Before Remodeling

When planning to add an addition to your Bethesda, Maryland home, it is important to verify the specifics of the zoning restrictions regarding rear yard, side yard, and front yard setbacks with the Montgomery Country zoning office. If your home is located in a historic district—and many in this area are—familiarize yourself with the local requirements. We also recommend asking your design-build firm to prepare proper permit drawings and obtain a building permit for any remodeling work. Following building code regulations and obtaining a building permit protects you from potential fines. In the unlikely event that there is an accident resulting in an insurance claim, building permits and proper protocol means the insurance company is less likely to question payment.

Kitchen Remodel in Bethesda

Consider the Architectural Style of Your Bethesda Home

If you own or have recently purchased a home in Bethesda and are considering a home remodeling project, it is important that your design team be familiar with the variety of architectural styles found in Montgomery Country. When you use an architect or design-build firm that is sensitive to the subtle differences in architectural style and details, the final project will respect your home’s integrity, thus enhancing its value for years to come.

We have extensive experience working with Bethesda-area homeowners to ensure that any home remodeling project uses window and door styles consistent with the original style of the home. In addition, our team understands the importance of pointing out current “hot” architectural trends that could look dated in five years. Check out our “Historic Styles” page to learn more about the historic style of your Bethesda home.

Throughout the years of remodeling homes, the Wentworth team has come to realize that design trends are best restricted to furniture, carpet, paint, and other elements that can be easily changed in the future. In the case of kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, which usually happen only every 15 to 20 years, there is more room for being adventurous. An experienced design team familiar with architectural styles, trends, and the surrounding neighborhoods can help you navigate through these types of design choices, from traditional to modern and everything in between!

Home Remodeling in Bethesda

The Advantage of Choosing Remodelers Familiar with Your Neighborhood

Whether it’s a renovation project or addition, homeowners in Bethesda come to us with many different home remodeling projects. Our team not only has experience working with a wide range of homes in the Bethesda area, but also can perfectly balance the personal needs of the homeowner and the specificities of each home remodeling project.

Bethesda, MD Home Remodeling Project Spotlight

When the owners of a 1960s home in the Carderock Springs neighborhood approached Wentworth with their frustrations about an outdated kitchen that did not meet their needs functionally or aesthetically, we came up with a design to open up and modernize the space.

As the homeowners weren’t fond of the way the kitchen was enclosed on all sides by walls, we created a more open space and provided additional room for a new kitchen island. The new kitchen and open floor plan fit seamlessly into the existing home’s style and reflects many of the interiors of homes in the surrounding Bethesda neighborhood.

light filled custom banquette

A Light-Filled, Custom
Banquette Becomes a Cozy
Area for Family Meals in a
Bethesda Remodeling Project

open floor modernizes outdated space

In this Bethesda Home,
An Open Floor Plan
Modernizes Outdated Space

warm inviting kitchen

The Warm and Inviting
Kitchen Fits the
Homeowners’ Lifestyle

Take a look at three of our blog posts detailing the Carderock Springs home remodeling project in Bethesda, MD:

From kitchens to basements to bathrooms, the Wentworth design/build team has a great deal of experience working with all types of homes. When you love your current home and neighborhood but need more space or want to modernize your outdated house, a home remodeling project could be the best way to go.

View our portfolio for more pictures of kitchen remodels, home additions, and more!

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  • Head South on Wisconsin Ave toward Montgomery Lane.
  • Take your first left onto MD-410 East / Montgomery Ave.
  • Turn left onto Connecticut Ave NW.
  • Our office will be on the right.

“ We have been very happy not only with the workmanship of our project team including attention to detail when a change in plans is advisable, but also with their consideration for our preferences, our requests, and our schedules, in addition to their attention to leaving the work area tidy and as clean as practicable. Of course work on one's house involves disruption, but they have minimized that in all ways possible. ”

D.S., Chevy Chase, MD