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Kitchen Remodeling in Bethesda, MD

Whether you use your kitchen to cook extravagant meals for your family, like to entertain guests, or simply hang out and help the kids with homework, it’s an essential, everyday room. This means kitchens are one of the most commonly remodeled rooms in a home. Smart and thoughtful kitchen remodeling not only adds value to your home, but it also contributes to increased daily living.

Kitchen Remodeling Bethesda, Maryland

Wentworth, Inc. specializes in custom kitchen remodeling and kitchen design-build in the Bethesda, Maryland area. Whether you live in Carderock Springs, Edgemoor, or anywhere else, we have been to your neighborhood and look forward to helping you with your remodel.

A Kitchen Design Tailored to Your Life

Every Wentworth kitchen remodeling project begins with research. Based on your needs, with a particular emphasis on meal preparation and dining habits, we form a plan specific to you. A truly stunning kitchen is one that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

We explore these commonly considered issues when beginning a major kitchen remodel:

  • How will the kitchen be used? Mainly for cooking? Entertaining? A bit of both?
  • What type of seating will best suit the kitchen’s primary use? A breakfast nook? Bar space and barstools? An elegant dining room table?
  • How can the home be altered to suit the existing structure and architectural style while adding space and function?
  • How do the home’s age, style, and period impact the aesthetics of the kitchen to ensure a seamless integration of the old with the new?
  • Will the addition of new windows and doors with access to the outside increase natural light and overall enjoyment of the space?

Every inch matters in a small kitchen. Removing the wall between the kitchen and an adjoining room can add much needed space (especially beneficial in galley kitchens). On occasion, and depending on the home’s existing layout, a kitchen may be expanded into the dining room with base cabinets for storage. Additional cabinets maximize storage and minimize the need for additional dining room furniture. Adding space isn’t the only way to maximize impact in a small, urban kitchen. Frosted glass cabinets provide visual interest and contribute to an open feel, while straight runs of cabinetry prevent the need for space-wasting dead corner cabinets.

Kitchen Remodel in Bethesda: From Small & Isolated to Open & Modern

Kitchen Remodeling in Bethesda

A pair of Bethesda homeowners loved their 1950s Colonial and had invested in many improvements to make it more comfortable and livable—but they felt their old kitchen was too small and too isolated from their family room for modern informal living. They called the Wentworth team for a design solution.

The new kitchen is open and spacious, featuring a two-tier island with a custom walnut elliptical countertop, pendant lighting, and marble wall tile. It blends seamlessly with the adjacent living room’s style and stone fireplace.

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Are you Ready to Build Your Dream Kitchen?

No matter your kitchen needs, let the Wentworth team bring your vision to life. We’ll put our experience and expertise to work in your home and design the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Get in touch with our team today to start your project—and feel free to view past kitchen remodels we have completed and learn more about our home remodeling services in the Bethesda area!

“ On the whole, this project has been spectacularly successful, we really love the new kitchen, bath and patio! ”

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