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Kitchen Remodel in Chevy Chase, Maryland


Sometimes a house has enough space—but the space is just not configured in the most practical way. This was the situation for a Chevy Chase, MD baby-boomer couple with a center-hall Colonial Revival (circa 1926) residence. Expanded in 1986 (by an investor) with a rear addition for a family room, the kitchen remained somewhat constrained by its original footprint with a poorly designed link to the large family room that spanned the rear of the home.

The Old Design & Clients’ Remodeling Goals

The clients had two goals:

The first goal was a new design that integrates the kitchen with the family room, uses the space more efficiently, and has new bookcases to flank a fireplace in the family room. Secondly, they wanted to design a kitchen and family room that would appeal to future younger buyers in terms of its layout with the kitchen island and transitional aesthetic—white cabinets and maintenance-free white granite countertops.

In many ways, the 1986 design for the rear family room was too large and did not work well with the kitchen. Preparing a meal meant that one was isolated in the work area and had to walk into the family room to chat with someone or see the TV. The 1986 kitchen had replaced most of the original kitchen’s footprint with the addition of a few cabinets that spilled into the new family room, and an oddly sized island floated in the south end of the room, almost as an afterthought. No special or aesthetic definition existed to define the kitchen and family room space. At the north end of the family room, clustered around a fireplace and TV was the furniture grouping. An open and wasted space remained between those areas of activity.

The 1986 family room had three 8-feet-wide sliding glass doors across the back wall overlooking a lovely garden. The doors were not only unattractive but also leaked and no longer worked well. The design team agreed that picking up on the design of the original house as a center-hall colonial—that the rear wall should have new French doors with sidelight panels that continued the center hall axis. At either side of the French doors, a triple set of large double-hung windows maximize the light and view.

The Remodel

The Wentworth design team felt that achieving a proper link between the kitchen and family room meant placing a large 7-foot island with a sink and dishwasher in the south end of the family room. Four bar stools allow guests to gather around or a family member to enjoy breakfast at the bar. Directly opposite the island (on axis) is a 36-inch-wide range with a stainless steel range hood set off with white beveled subway tile. A pair of casement windows, each with tall fixed transoms, flanks the range, and glass globe pendant lights complement the island. This portion of the kitchen provides an open and interactive area for family and guests.

Kitchen Remodel Chevy Chase, MD

Adjacent to this is the more private work area which fills the former kitchen space. Nearest the dining room is a newly designed and defined butler’s pantry with ample storage for collectables, family silver, and the accoutrement required for fine living. A previously concealed clerestory window original to the 1926 home was concealed in the 1986 remodel—and the butler’s pantry now boasts its own south-facing window.

A highly functional galley space accommodates a wall oven, built-in microwave, and 36-inch-wide refrigerator. Opposite this wall of appliances is a walk-in pantry that occupies a previously wasted space. Bi-parting pocket doors make the pantry efficient and conceal the supplies from view. Shelving wraps three walls of the pantry to maximize storage.

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