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CityCenterDC Condo Merge & Remodel


A professional couple was relocating from New York City to Washington, DC to be closer to family. They purchased their two condos at the CityCenterDC development early when it was necessary to buy from plans and before it was possible to look at the final completed building. They bought two units, side by side, on an upper floor looking into what would become the large central plaza with fountains. The one-bedroom and two-bedroom units were purchased with the intent to combine the units as a single, large three-bedroom unit.

Early Purchase

Prior to settlement, the homeowners sought out Wentworth as their design/build firm to start planning early for the remodel. Their goal was to designate a new front entry to the apartment that would lead into their primary living space. Both of the existing kitchens would be removed so that a new, larger kitchen could be created. The demising wall between their units was removed, allowing for one large living-dining space and a new kitchen. The generous room proportions, 9-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling glass, and urban views make the apartment remarkable.

Condo Kitchen Remodel

CityCenterDC Condo Remodel: Scope of Work

The clients met with our design/build team a few months prior to their closing on the purchase of the condominium units. Their goal was to commence the design and construction phases while still living in NYC. They arranged to have their two daughters occupy both of the units for a year to give them ample time to plan their move to DC, develop an optimum remodeling design, and complete construction prior to their move.

Perfectly placed in the new upscale complex, City CenterDC, the apartments are on a high floor with views into the central plaza and courtyard.

Kitchen, Dining Room & Living Room

Our remodeling work focused on the kitchen, living, and dining areas of the two apartments. The one-bedroom unit had a small living space, which our design team felt worked best as the new, open plan dining area. The two-bedroom unit had the best placed entry door with a large windowed foyer that became the apartment’s primary entrance. The entry to the smaller unit became the back door to the kitchen and was repurposed as a mud room.

To combine the two apartments into one, we removed a 15-foot-long demising wall. This allowed the living spaces of the two apartments to be joined, providing provides approximately 728 square feet of living/dining space.

The clients felt that the quality of the wood floor installed by the CityCenter developer was not to their standards. They asked our design/build team to remove all of it and replace it with higher quality wood flooring. The choice was a premium grade engineered, rift sawn, 6-inch-wide white oak floor stained a medium color—it was finished on site.

Condo Remodeling Washington, DC

The homeowners’ goal for the project was to be able to put the large unit back as two separate units by rebuilding the demising wall. It would require creating a new kitchen in one of the two apartments, but they felt this could be a wise option with a potential financial upside to sell two smaller apartments rather than one large apartment.

To accomplish the reconfiguration of the space, we removed both condo’s kitchens. Most appliances were saved for reuse, which allowed the luxury of having two dishwashers and two refrigerators in the new kitchen. The homeowners only had to purchase a new range hood, warming drawer, and microwave.

The new kitchen, at one end of the new expansive living/dining area, is larger than both original kitchens—it provides an additional 16 lineal feet of cabinetry and countertops and includes an island with chair seating for three. The kitchen is visually separated by a 78-inch-wide full-height partition that screens the cooking area from the dining and living rooms, acts as an art wall, and becomes the tiled backdrop for the cooktop and range hood.


Recessed lighting in the new building is minimal because of the concrete slab structure. In areas where the ceiling is slightly dropped, we installed additional recessed lights. The new kitchen lighting includes:

  • Under-wall cabinet lighting
  • Track lighting mounted on the underside of a soffit
  • Recessed lighting
  • Pendant light to illuminate the bar area

The dining area has a slightly dropped ceiling, which accommodated additional recessed lighting as well as a decorative chandelier at the dining table.

Condo Remodeling DC

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