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Wall Color Ideas

From the walls to the lighting to the floor, everything in a room works together to create a pleasing visual. But if the wall colors aren’t right, it can detract from the overall design and have a negative effect. How should you choose your wall color for your home?

Tips for Choosing Wall Color

Talking to an experienced remodeling company can help you when choosing nearly any design element for your home—but ultimately, the choice is yours! It’s helpful to have some tips on the front end. We’ve compiled ones we think are great from the Washington Post and Benjamin Moore:

  • Use elements in your home and existing materials in the room (furniture, art, etc.)
  • Define the mood or theme of the room
  • Don’t look at paint samples against a white wall (color is affected by what surrounds it)
  • Consider color flow from room to room

If you have your heart set on a color, we also suggest looking at a shade lighter and a shade darker—and using the tips above to make sure it’s the best color for the particular room you have in mind. If it doesn’t work as well as you thought for one room, it may look fantastic in another space.

Colorful Walls in Washington, DC Area Homes

Need design inspiration for your remodel? Look at these pictures of colored walls in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas!

Green Wall Foyer
Blue Wall Kitchen

Dark Blue Wall Kitchen

Orange Wall Kitchen

Blue Wall Home Office

Green Wall Bathroom
Purple Wall Bathroom

The right wall color can act as a beautiful focal point, add contrast for visual interest or subtly complement the room’s design and bring everything together without commanding too much attention. For help bringing your dream home off paper and bringing your vision to life, contact Wentworth!

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