The Kitchen and Dining Room Combined: Modern Remodeling

How many houses have you visited that have a closed off kitchen? Our guess is not many! Most homes today have an open (or partially open) space rather than a completely separate kitchen and dining room.

Modern home remodeling, particularly when it includes the kitchen, involves tearing down the wall between the kitchen and adjacent living areas to create one large room. The Wentworth team has a lot of experience with these types of kitchen remodeling projects, especially in older Washington, DC homes that are closed off, cramped, and not suitable for modern lifestyles.

Combining Kitchens and Dining Rooms

For homeowners with smaller homes, it is hard to justify using the space for a formal dining room if it is seldom used. In the past—until the mid-century modern open floor plan began to appear in the 1950s—the dining room was a separate and defined room, separated from the kitchen with walls and often fitted-out with crown molding, chair rail or a wainscot, and a chandelier in the center of the ceiling. This was a formal dining room, used for family meals as well as special occasions. It was definitely not meant to share air space with the kitchen where all activity, as well as cooking odors, were behind closed doors.

If you want some type of barrier to define the spaces but still desire an open layout, there are plenty of options. You can use a short wall or serving hatch (wall window). A custom piece (like the one pictured below) can also serve as a partial wall while still providing a spacious, open layout.

Open kitchen and Living Room

You can also use an island or peninsula.

Open Kitchen Layout

How Can I Create a Seamless Space?

As for tying the two areas together and making it seamless, using the same flooring is one option. Floor materials can be more contiguous and the definition between the kitchen and dining area will be more ambiguous.

You can even use ceilings. Ceiling planes may be dropped over the kitchen or island to define spaces.

Combining Kitchen and Dining Room

Using a particular color scheme is another a great strategy. It doesn’t need to all be the same elements—for example, a dark blue accent wall in the kitchen can match a dark blue area rug or decorative vases in the dining room or other adjacent area. This way, you can achieve visual interest and an attractive, seamless space.

Kitchen Remodeling in Washington, DC

No matter your needs and desires, the award-winning Wentworth team can help you achieve them. We’ve remodeled many kitchens in homes throughout Washington, DC and surrounding Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland. Learn more about our kitchen remodeling services and be sure to view our portfolio. Ready to create the kitchen and dining spaces you’ve always wanted? Contact us today!

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