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Talking with Your Architect Team When Remodeling Your Home

Tips for Communicating Effectively with Your Design-Build Firm

Remodeling your home is no small feat—it takes a lot of planning and requires a lot of trust. It doesn’t stop with just choosing the right remodeling firm (although that’s certainly one of the most important parts of the entire process). Once you’ve chosen a company, you need to be able to ask the right questions and communicate effectively to avoid a design-build disaster.

Questions to Ask

Don’t be afraid to ask questions (and lots of them), even after you’ve narrowed down your choices! Two important ones are:

What is your process?

This question should be asked on the front end when you’re choosing a company, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to ask it again once you’ve chosen a design-build firm. A good company has a process and is happy to walk you through it and ensure you’re comfortable with it.

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How will my project be managed and executed?

It takes a big team to complete a successful remodeling project. With so many different people involved, from the architect to carpenters and construction staff, it’s important to know how your project will be coordinated. Getting names and timelines can be very helpful.

Communicating to Ensure Success

Whether it’s your first remodel or third, these tips can help make sure the process goes smoothly. Two important tips include:

Clearly state your expectations.

A good design-build company will ask, but make sure you define your goals and communicate your expectations. Do you want more space without building an addition? Do you want a more upscale look? Do you want a better kitchen for entertaining? Whatever your goals, make sure they are known from the start. You’ll have opinions (it’s your home), so don’t hesitate to vocalize them. From start to finish, stay engaged and clearly communicate with everyone involved in the project.

At Wentworth, a project is assigned to an architect and a lead carpenter, and each is an employee of the firm. Both the design studio and construction department have the oversight and benefit of our senior architect and production construction manager.

Use images.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and using pictures to communicate in the remodeling world is extremely beneficial. Showing your design-build team pictures of what you like and don’t like—whether through Houzz, cut out magazine pictures, or even the exterior of your neighbor’s house—will helps them better understand your taste and preferences and can maybe even prevent an awkward conversation!

The Wentworth team loves open communication. We are happy to look at Houzz ideabooks and Pinterest boards or magazine pictures. We do everything we can to understand your design tastes and encourage your involvement.

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