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Washington, DC Condo Remodels

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The right design and planning make a modern kitchen possible in a small Washington, DC condo

Although condos don’t typically come to mind as frequently as single family homes when thinking of remodeling projects, remodeling a condo is a great way to update a smaller living space to fit a modern lifestyle. Wentworth has remodeled numerous condos in the Washington, DC area, and our award-winning remodeling team understands the careful planning required for a successful DC condo remodel.

Proper Planning = Condo Remodeling Success

Remodeling a condo – whether it’s the whole space, a kitchen or a bathroom – requires significant planning and coordination to move materials and equipment in and out of the building. Because a condo is typically located in a building with other units and shared public spaces, we can help you navigate the common issues that often arise when planning a condo remodel. In order to ensure safety for both the homeowner and our construction team and to ensure the construction minimizes impact on other building residents, our experienced design-build team can help you navigate planning issues prior to beginning work. Typical issues include:

  • Is there a freight elevator? If not, will materials and equipment have to travel on an everyday passenger elevator?
  • Does the condo board regulate renovations to the unit? Does the condo board limit construction to certain hours during the day?
  • If plumbing and electrical modifications are part of the project, what impact will the work have on other building residents? Are plumbing and electrical modifications governed by certain restrictions?
  • How do parking restrictions affect the construction crew?
  • Where can Wentworth store materials and equipment during the construction process?
  • What permits or fees are required by the condo?

Small Space + Good Design = Big Results in Condo Remodeling

Because condos typically have modestly-sized rooms with minimal space, careful design and planning is essential for optimal condominium renovations. Every square foot of space should be used wisely. Kitchens and bathrooms, which are frequently outdated in Washington, DC condos, are probably the most important spaces to renovate. Simple changes such as new finishes and fixtures can go a long way toward improving the look and feel of a space, and when possible, space reconfiguration can vastly improve the appearance and function of a kitchen or bathroom.

Details matter in a renovated condo’s new master suite bathroom

Details matter in a renovated condo’s new master suite bathroom

When a condo is closed off with walls separating each room, opening a wall between the kitchen and the living room is a great way to modernize an outdated condo, especially when the homeowners’ day-to-day life is better suited to an open plan layout. Most condos have no informal dining in the kitchen, and with careful planning it is possible to incorporate a small table or breakfast bar area. Other space issues in a condo kitchen can easily be solved with the use of smaller-scale appliances. Many manufacturers now offer smaller, apartment-sized ranges (typically 24” wide), cook tops (sometimes with two or three burners), and condo-sized dishwashers (typically 18”). Slide-out glass range hoods, a relatively new addition to the appliance marketplace, are small-scale, minimalistic and provide proper ventilation for condo kitchens.

Custom built-ins are another excellent way to maximize space and storage in a condo and are usually more efficient than using individual furniture pieces for storage. Properly designed built-in dressers, desks and bookcases can serve two purposes: eliminate the need for furniture and serve as an interesting focal point for the room. Often homeowners do not need more space – they just need to use the space more efficiently!

Although condominium renovations may require more planning than a single-family home renovations, the results are the same. An effective remodel of your Washington, DC area condo can increase the value and the livability of your home. If you’re ready for your condo remodel in the DC area, contact Wentworth today!

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