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Cosmetic Kitchen Makeovers: Little Cost, Huge Difference

If your kitchen has “good bones,” a functional layout and is relatively up-to-date, the space may be a good candidate for a cosmetic kitchen makeover. Because a cosmetic kitchen makeover involves simple updates, the project is typically far less expensive than a full kitchen renovation. In some instances – typically when the kitchen has a poor layout that can only be altered with a more serious reconfiguration – a cosmetic kitchen makeover isn’t the best choice for improving usability and value. In these cases, spending money on a cosmetic kitchen makeover, whether it’s refinishing cabinets or installing new countertops, isn’t ideal for improving functionality or the resale value of your home – you’re better off spending money on a newly remodeled kitchen with a functional design.

What if your kitchen is a good candidate for a cosmetic makeover? Fortunately, there are a variety of little tricks and design choices to give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to kitchen remodeling.

Cabinets in a Cosmetic Kitchen Makeover

black lower kitchen cabinets with frost glass upper cabinets

Your old kitchen cabinets will probably remain in the kitchen, and the Wentworth design team will help you decide whether installing glass doors, adding new hardware or refinishing the existing doors is best for your kitchen design. In past kitchen remodeling projects, our design build team has used creative designs to salvage some of the existing cabinets while adding new cabinets where necessary. In certain kitchens, perimeter cabinets can remain, but the addition of a new kitchen island adds function and style.

Countertops in a Cosmetic Kitchen Makeover

Replacing outdated and worn countertops can make a drastic difference in a kitchen’s appearance. As countertops are the most used and the most prominent element in your kitchen, an updated countertop can go a long way in making your cooking space look brand new. The options for countertop materials are endless – from stone to marble to eco-friendly manmade materials such as Ceasearstone, Silestone, and Paperstone. Even the smallest budget can accommodate new countertops, but if your existing countertops are in good shape or have been recently replaced, our design team can create a sophisticated color palette around the existing countertops.

Flooring in a Cosmetic Kitchen Makeover

A new kitchen floor can have a huge impact on your cooking space. If your current kitchen floor is in bad shape or is in need of an update, there are a wide variety of kitchen floor materials to choose from. Wood – more popular than ever – is a great choice for open floor plans. Other flooring choices include ceramic and porcelain tile floors, as well as eco-friendly cork and rubber tile. Marmoleum, an eco-friendly sheet flooring, is an inexpensive and easy-on-the-feet way to add new life to a kitchen.

Lighting in a Cosmetic Kitchen Makeover

Good lighting is another critical element of a kitchen that is both efficient and beautiful. By replacing outdated and unattractive lighting, your kitchen can take on a whole new look. The Wentworth design-build team can help you choose appropriate pendant lighting to install over open countertops. Under-wall cabinet lighting helps provide direct task lighting on the countertops where you prepare food. If budget is a concern, ceiling mounted lighting or track lighting can each be a cost-effective way to provide additional lighting without tearing up the ceiling.

Backsplash and Paint in a Cosmetic Kitchen Makeover

modern stainless steel gas stove with multi-colored backsplash

A chic tile backsplash is yet another great way to give your kitchen a whole new design. The right tile can add color and visual interest, and depending on the condition of your kitchen, we may be able to install tiles on existing drywall or plaster – or even directly on top of an existing tile backsplash.

A new coat of paint is probably the single most cost-effective way to add life to your kitchen! A carefully selected color (or two) for the walls can transform your ordinary kitchen into a unique, stylish space, and outdated cabinets can easily be given new life with a fresh coat of paint.

If you’re ready for a cosmetic kitchen makeover, contact the experts at Wentworth today!

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