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A Warm Welcome: Home Entryway Design

Porch Addition

All of us want a warm welcome when we arrive home. After all, owning a home is a meaningful experience, and it’s something you’ve worked hard for. For this reason alone, having an inviting, aesthetically appealing home entry has a lot of value. And, of course, a new entryway design can boost curb appeal and add market value to your home. This is where the rubber-meets-the-road in terms of smart design adding true dollar value.

Entryway Design Tips

Achieving the best home entry can be accomplished in a variety of ways, from large-scale upgrades to small projects. Enlisting the help of an experienced design-build team is the key to ensuring your money is well spent and the end result is a home you love. If you’re considering upgrading your home’s front entry, there are some smart ways to go about it. The DC architects at Wentworth can guide you every step of the way.

Home Entryways

Make Your Entryway Identifiable

Your home should have an entry that stands out. There is nothing wrong with an entrance tucked off on a side, but if the entry is not facing the front, whether street or driveway, the landscaping and paving design needs to clue visitors in so they know how to get to the front door. An easily identifiable front entry design is not only good for guests, but also increases the curb appeal of your home.

Your home entry can be further enhanced by the addition of a courtyard. Whether large and extravagant or small and simple, a courtyard offers a way for visitors to step back and appreciate the architecture and landscaping of a home. A well-designed courtyard is a great place to install garden features such as a bench, fountain or planters. Having a manicured and well-maintained entry court is a smart way to enhance your home’s front entryway while minimizing maintenance in other areas.

Home Entryway Design

Add Architectural Character to your entryway

If your home currently lacks architectural character, incorporate a porch into your front entryway design. Many homes are merely boring boxes, but a well-designed porch can become the focal point for a plain-vanilla house design. With a thoughtful porch design and sufficient budget (along with good landscaping) it won’t matter that the house is plain.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and simpler way to add interest to your front entryway, a canopy is a good option. Canopies will add presence to your home and also provide protection from the elements. Ready-made canopy kits are available in glass and aluminum and can give a simple home aesthetic life. For the more traditional home, it’s possible to design a projecting canopy that has wall mounted brackets, a light fixture and a small metal roof for protection. A canopy is a practical solution for any home in need of added detail or visual interest. Just remember to keep the canopy and entryway design in sync with your original home’s architectural style.

Home Entry

Consider an Updated Door

Another simple update to your home’s entrance is a replacement front door. Over the years we’ve seen the difference an elegant front door can make. But when it comes to your front door, trying to save as much money as possible isn’t optimal. Buy the best door and hardware because it is the first impression for visitors – as well as future buyers! And, a well-made entry door will provide your family with better security.

Enhance Your Home Entryway Design with Lighting

Last but not least is lighting – it simply cannot be ignored. If you have fine landscaping or unique architecture, shine some light on it! There’s no need to light your home like a show house, but subtly light the way for visitors and give your home some ambiance. Some great ideas include:

  • Recessed lighting at a porch or canopy
  • Post lighting along a path
  • Illumination of an address
  • Lighting at dangerous steps

When it comes to your entryway design, be practical, but have a little fun too!

Entryway Design for Homes in the Washington, DC Area

An inviting and well-lit home is one of the greatest pleasures of homeownership. With a great front entry design and new upgrades, your home can feel warm and welcoming. Whether you’ve dreamed of a front porch to enjoy on the weekends for coffee drinking and relaxing or you’re just looking to spruce up your home’s plain front door, the Wentworth design-build team can help. We have experience remodeling home exteriors in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

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