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Family-Friendly Kitchen Design


New Breakfast Room with Built-In
Banquette – Bethesda, Maryland

The kids are getting ready for the long holiday vacation—but school will be starting again in a couple weeks. Is your kitchen ready? Is it a good place for the kids to eat an after-school snack and do homework as you’re preparing dinner in the evening?

Many families want a kitchen design that complements this kind of lifestyle, and the Wentworth team has experience remodeling kitchens in the Washington, DC metropolitan area to be more family-friendly!

Tips for Achieving a Family-Friendly Kitchen

Today’s kitchens are much more multi-functional than they used to be, and this is a significant concept in a kid-friendly space. An area for homework should be able to transform easily to a table for dinner. You should be able to watch your children and help them with homework as you cook dinner or prepare for guests in the kitchen.

With the right kitchen design, your space can be attractive and multi-functional. Some ideas for a family-friendly kitchen include:

  • Countertops with bookcases to provide practical work spaces
  • Work surface for laptops, printers, etc. with grommets to help hide the cords
  • Banquette seating, which can provide extra storage
  • Two-tier islands—the kids can do their homeowner on the upper level while you prepare food on the lower level (and they won’t get in the way)
  • Round islands—if you have younger kids who like to run around the kitchen, round islands can eliminate the hazard of sharp corners
  • Warming drawers, which can be safer than ovens and are easy for older kids to use when you aren’t around


Paperstone Countertop, Bamboo
Cabinetry & Recycled Glass Backsplash
in New Kitchen – Spring Valley,
Northwest Washington, DC

  • The right chairs—your kids want a comfortable space to get homework done (especially the older ones) and the right chairs can make all the difference
  • Non-slip flooring, which is especially important if you have young kids who like to play in the kitchen
  • Windows—having a window can help provide a good distraction (unlike the TV or radio) when it’s needed
  • Durable countertops that can withstand scratching and stains (for one kitchen remodel, the Wentworth team used a material that functioned much like honed granite, which worked well)

Kitchen Remodeling in DC, Maryland & Virginia

Wentworth has experience remodeling homes and can transform your outdated kitchen into a beautiful, family-friendly space. Feel free to view our photo gallery to see past kitchen remodels we have completed throughout the DC metropolitan area!

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