Our Solutions For Keeping a House Clean During Remodeling
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Solutions for Keeping a House Clean During Remodeling

How Wentworth Protects Floors & Minimizes Dust During Construction

Your home is a sacred place where you spend time with family and friends, enjoy life, and make memories. During a remodel, the appearance will change—but you want to preserve the integrity of this sacred space. This is why protection during renovation is extremely important.

While it may not be completely avoidable for your home to stay dust-free during remodeling, dust, dirt, and floor damage can certainly be diminished. Here are solutions the Wentworth team uses to minimize dust during construction and keep houses clean and damage-free during remodels:

Wall & Floor Protection During Renovations

Sticky Mat
Sticky Mat - Floor Protection During Remodel

Sticky mats are a fantastic way to prevent spreading dirt and grime on the bottom of shoes. We use them to avoid tracking dirt and dust into hallways, onto carpeting, etc. These mats have 15 layers that peel off—when the top layer gets dirty, it is simply peeled off and a fresh one is used.

RAM Board - Floor Protection During Renovation
Carpet Protection During Remodeling

The Wentworth team uses Ram Board or butcher paper to protect flooring and carpeting. Even though we vacuum at the end of every day, protection like this helps keep surfaces extra clean and gives homeowners peace of mind. In the picture above (a project where two adjoining condos are being combined as one larger apartment with a new kitchen and expansive living/dining area), we are putting down Ram Board in the building’s hallway for extra protection.

Floor Protection During Construction
RAM Board Remodel Site Protection

To protect floor tiles, our team uses Ram Board, held down by a strong tape. This tape doesn’t leave behind residue or any sticky marks.

Although not pictured, another important item we use is a zipper wall. Heavy zippered plastic hung from ceilings or temporary walls framed in 2x4s, zipper walls are used to screen off one area from another and minimize dust and dirt.

There are many ways to utilize home construction site protection during remodeling—these are just a few! Whatever the scope and size of your project, make sure the remodeling company you hire uses solutions like these to protect your home.

Home Remodeling in DC, MD & Northern VA

The protection solutions don’t look pretty—and it gets pretty messy and cluttered during construction—but the end results are always worth it. Visit our portfolio to see stunning remodels the Wentworth team has completed in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and contact us to make your dream home a reality!

“ Just wanted to touch base and share how thrilled I am not only with how the design is playing out, but also the careful construction, and the personableness and consideration of your entire team. ”

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