Project Case Study: Helical Pier Installation in DC
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Project Case Study: Helical Pier Installation in Washington, DC

Many homeowners in the Washington, DC area are interested in adding a small home addition or outdoor porch addition to enhance their living space. At Wentworth Studio, we recently completed a project for a client in Silver Spring, MD that involved installing a new deck.

Take a look at what was involved in this project here. Then, contact us at (240) 383-1226 if you’re ready to add onto your Washington, DC-area home.

Installing Helical Piers

One of the most efficient, cost-effective ways to create foundations for a small home addition is by using helical piers. The production manager at Wentworth Studio has special training and owns the equipment necessary to complete this work.

Helical piers are hydraulically installed, high-torque screws that provide stronger foundational support than typical concrete footings. They are made of durable, galvanized steel and are twisted deep into the earth until they’re stable enough to build on. In addition to serving as the foundation in a new construction project, helical piers can also be used to stop a structurally defective wall from settling any further.

Do you think helical piers are the solution to your new construction or structural repair project? If so, contact Wentworth to learn more.

Framing the Floor

A floor’s frame is composed mostly of wooden joists, installed at regular intervals, that run parallel to one another. Floor joists span the area between support structures to keep the subflooring and finished floor above it flat and stable. They are spliced over beams and other supports as needed. Then, headers run perpendicular to the joists to cap the ends. As long as the joists are installed a standard distance apart, they can easily accommodate insulation batts and rolls to ensure comfort and energy efficiency in the room above.

The Wentworth team carefully executes floor framing, along with the rest of the project. Contact us to find out how our team can bring your home remodel to life.

Building the Custom Sill Pan

Sill pan flashing provides cheap insurance against water intrusion. It’s not just a good idea to waterproof door rough openings—it’s required by code. After all, if an exterior door is exposed to wind-blown rain, splashback, or snowdrifts, the jamb could get wet. If water dribbles down and finds the crack between the jamb and the threshold, the subfloor will soak through and could eventually rot. A simple custom sill pan is the solution to this problem.

We never cut corners on our construction projects. To get your home addition started, please call us at (240) 383-1226.

Cutting Holes in I-Beams

I-beams have a variety of uses in home construction. Due to their incredible strength and stability, they can handle stress and weight from every direction. Their “I” shape is also cost-effective, providing excellent strength-to-weight ratio and avoiding the need to use more steel than necessary. I-beams are most commonly installed in floors and ceiling trusses in steel-framed projects.

We may use I-beams in your upcoming home addition. To schedule a construction estimate, please contact Wentworth today.

Constructing the Masonry Foundation

Masonry foundations include those constructed from concrete blocks, as shown in this video. Concrete is just as durable as brick, yet it’s more cost-effective. Since they’re hidden from view when the project is complete, the non-decorative appearance of the blocks is inconsequential.

If the construction services from Wentworth appear to meet the needs of your upcoming home renovation or addition, please contact us online or call (240) 383-1226 to schedule a consultation with our design team today.

“ Thank you so much for the very thoughtful gift and card you sent to welcome [our son] home. He has been following the baseball standings with great interest, and is looking forward to many messy meals with his Red Sox bib and bottle. And whether he realizes it or not, his meal times have been made much more pleasant - and his parents are much happier - because of the fabulous new kitchen you designed and built for us. It was really kind of you to think of us at this special time in our lives. ”

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