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Make History With a Historic Kitchen Remodel in the DC Metropolitan Area

An arts & crafts kitchen to fit a modern lifestyle

An arts & crafts kitchen to
fit a modern lifestyle

Do you own a home in a historic district in the Washington, DC area? Live in an older home with architectural character? Whatever your case, chances are you want to preserve that character even if you want to modernize your kitchen to fit your lifestyle. Fortunately, designing a kitchen to fit your home’s historic style is possible with careful planning and thought. Kitchen remodeling first requires research and extensive knowledge of architectural and interior design history. Whether a Victorian Italianate, a Colonial Revival, an American Bungalow, or another style, knowing the style of your home is the key to a modern kitchen design that takes into consideration your contemporary lifestyle and the charm of your home.

In order for Wentworth to properly design and build a new kitchen in an older or historic home, we first begin by gaining knowledge of your home’s style. A visit to a home in your favorite style also proves useful, especially when it comes to the styles used for kitchen cabinets, countertops and other built-in features. Custom design details and finishing touches are imperative to a unique historic kitchen renovation, and knowing what you like and dislike early on will help steer your project in the right direction.

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A homeowner should also be honest about the logistics of building a historic kitchen. A kitchen from 1900 may not suit your 2011 lifestyle. Our needs have changed over time, and our appliances have evolved too. The homeowner should decide which historical details are most important when it comes to their historic kitchen renovation. Wentworth can help guide the homeowner through these decisions and work towards a balanced design that maintains the historic vision while discretely integrating modern kitchen appliances and conveniences.

Clean, white subway tiles evoke history with a modern flair

Clean, white subway
tiles evoke history
with a modern flair

Design details are another important component to a historic kitchen remodel. Our team of architects and designers understand that the little details can go a long way in creating an authentic historic kitchen. An overall assessment of your home will give our kitchen remodeling team an idea of how to handle molding, cabinets and wainscot (if featured in your home). The Wentworth team will also investigate whether a zinc countertop, a marble counter section for baking or a cast iron porcelain sink hung on the wall is appropriate for the time period. While these details may at first seem irrelevant, they are invaluable to the design and construction of a kitchen that feels authentic and appropriate, yet still gives you the modern conveniences necessary in any Washington, DC area kitchen.

Is your kitchen outdated and cramped? Is it finally time for that upgrade you’ve always wanted? If you are interested in old kitchen remodel in Maryland, Washington, DC or Northern Virginia, contact Wentworth today.

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