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Add Color to Your Home’s Exterior

1960s split-level home with new addition and façade

February is over and spring is right around the corner. This means more people enjoying the outdoors and more people seeing your house. Your home’s façade is the first thing visitors and guests see, so you want to make sure it makes a great first impression!

One way to enhance the exterior of your home and ensure it isn’t drab and dull is to add color.

Home Exterior Color Ideas

How do you add color to your home’s exterior? There are many different things you can do and many different solutions to help your home’s façade stand out.

  • A new front door or re-painted old one
  • New shutters that match the front door
  • New window and door trim
  • A new or re-painted garage door (wood doors look fantastic with rustic style homes)
  • Window boxes with beautiful plants and flowers
  • New siding (cedar makes a nice statement)
  • A brick walkway
  • Colorful porch décor (door mat, light fixtures, cushions and pillows on a swing or chair, etc.)
  • A colored porch railing
  • Unique colored roofing shingles (copper or bronze, dark green, clay red, etc.)
  • Awnings on the windows

While it’s great to have a colorful home façade, don’t go overboard with the bright tones. On the other hand, be careful of going too dark. You want a nice contrast and good balance of light and dark.

New expanded gable with
dovecote detail

Additional Tips

In addition to adding pops of color, it also helps to add visual interest in other ways, with specific design elements or mixing textures—wood and stone, for example. You have nearly unlimited options when it comes to adding visual interest to your home’s exterior:

  • Architectural columns and pillars
  • Dovecote detailing
  • Balcony
  • Entablature detailing
  • Louvered wall paneling
  • And more

Exterior Remodeling in MD, DC & VA

If you’re interested in adding color and visual interest to the front façade of your house in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Wentworth can help. We have experience with home façade enhancements and exterior remodeling.

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