Master Suite Ideas | How to Maximize Bedroom Space
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Master Suite Ideas: Maximizing Space

Your master suite should be comfortable and enjoyable, looking and functioning exactly the way you want. What shape is yours in?

Clients often ask about remodeling their master suites. Frequently, their older urban homes have tiny master baths, (or none at all) and inadequate closet space—but have spacious bedrooms.

Master Bedroom Remodeling

Tips to Maximize Bedroom Space

In some circumstances, these master suite deficiencies can be remedied by reducing the size of the master bedroom and utilizing the space more efficiently for an improved bathroom and closet configuration. As architects and builders, we enjoy the challenge of reconfiguring interior space.

Another feature that can maximize bedroom space is the use of custom built-ins. Built-in dressers and armoires allow our designers to eliminate unnecessary furniture in a bedroom. For homeowners wanting to maximize their bedroom space, a queen size bed is preferable to a king size bed, although either can often be accommodated.

Master Bedroom Remodeling

The master suite project shown (above) has a bedroom measuring 14’ x 11’ 4”. A queen size bed flanked by night stands fits nicely into the space. Two built-in dressers, capped by bookcases, eliminate the need for free-standing furniture. The cozy arm chair in the corner makes dressing easier, and the more modestly sized bedroom allows for a 6’ x 9’ walk-in closet and a master bath with large shower stall in the adjacent space. Who says you need an over-sized master bedroom?

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“ Thanks Steven. We love the space and have been enjoying it. Thanks for all of the hard work Victor and the rest of the team put in. It is really beautiful. ”

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