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Master Bathroom Remodeling in Kalorama, Washington, DC


Overview of bathroom with custom sink vanity, makeup
counter, and curbless and & frameless glass shower stall

Sometimes a leaky shower can trigger a whole series of events. An impressive 1920s home with a 1980s rear addition had all the right spaces but lacked the level of finish and quality a fine home ought to possess. “His” and “hers” master baths complemented both ends of the master suite and were a nice feature of the 1980s remodel. The larger of the two bathrooms was built with a practical design and modest products and finishes, but it was not up to the homeowners’ high standards. Although the bathroom overlooked a private rear garden, featured a vaulted ceiling with skylights, and had ample space, it did not feel like an upscale bathroom because of the standard materials and products.

Double sinks and vanity cabinets were unnecessary considering the separate “his” and “hers” master bath setup. The shower stall lacked good storage and required stepping over a curb—not to mention, it was leaking into the dining room below. The existing bath space was approximately 13 x 13 feet, and the client wanted to remodel the space with a more efficient and attractive layout suited to an upscale taste.

The New Master Bathroom

The newly remodeled bathroom is spacious and sleek with a light, airy feel. It features:


Bow-front vanity cabinet
with sconces and wall mirror

New Cabinetry

A single bow-front white painted cabinet with an oval sink became the main sink area, eliminating the second sink to make space for a makeup vanity and storage. White marble countertops continue the white-on-white theme. Large wall mirrors, meeting at the corner and accented by wall sconces, reflect light and practicality.

New Curbless Shower Stall

Most importantly, the shower no longer leaks—and it features a large diameter rain shower head. The new curbless stall feels more like a glass enclosed room than a shower stall. A gently sloping floor drains to a liner floor drain at the back of the shower stall. Vertical stacked niched marble shelves provide storage in the shower.


Freestanding soaking tub
with wave-like wall panel

Freestanding Soaking Tub

A freestanding oval tub with a floor mounted tub filler provides a sculptural element placed in a tub alcove. The focal wall of the alcove features wall panels with a wave pattern that were custom fitted and painted to enhance the sense of a watery, relaxing space. A chandelier draws the eye to the tall ceiling and highlights the tub and painting on the wall.

Ample Storage

In addition to the many drawers in the lavatory vanity and makeup area, a tower storage cabinet was integrated into the design. Frosted glass cabinet doors minimize its visual bulk and provide a place for a little luxury—an electric wash cloth warmer. Damp washcloths are rolled and placed in the warmer for use when they are needed.

Additional Features

The newly remodeled master bathroom also features:

  • Central heating and cooling (providing a more comfortable space)
  • Electric radiant heated floor
  • Custom wall niche with marble and tile finishes

A New Family Favorite

The light colors make the bathroom seem spacious, and the sculptural wall panel and thin frameless glass shower door give the room a sleek, elegant look. The newly remodeled bathroom is now a favorite for all family members.

To see more pictures of this DC master bathroom remodel, visit our portfolio—and feel free to contact us if you want to learn more or are ready to discuss a remodeling project for your own home!

“ How good it was to hear that your firm has been awarded two COTY grand prizes. What a skilled designer and architect you continue to be. Your work is as earnest as it is beautiful! ”

Dave M.