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Washington, DC Kitchen Remodeling to Fit Modern Lifestyles

Washington, DC’s diverse population is part of what makes this city a unique place to live, with different backgrounds, cultures and tastes coming together in a variety of neighborhoods. Because Washingtonians live in homes ranging in age from pre-Civil War times to present day developments, when it comes to home design, aesthetic tastes can range from ultra-modern to historic period styles and everything in between! modern kitchen with hardwood floors

Modern Kitchen Remodeling in Washington, DC

Throughout our many years of working with homeowners in the Washington, DC metro area, the Wentworth design/build team has noticed a trend in preference for modern interiors and more informal space plans, often known as a “transitional” style (a blend of the new and the old, not too modern and not too traditional). A transitional style is a reflection of evolving lifestyles and tastes, a style which accommodates eclectic tastes and life’s irregularities. When Washington, DC homeowners begin to consider remodeling their home, the kitchen is often the first priority, not only for the sake of modernizing the home, but also to add value to a home. Because the kitchen has become the centerpiece and social center of the home, a transitional style works perfectly in many older Washington, DC homes. In order to create an open, more informal space, one where the kitchen flows seamlessly into the living room, opening the walls between rooms is a smart way to create visual links between the kitchen, living and dining rooms in an older home. The well-designed kitchen will have architectural definition and still be visually connected to the rest of the home. With thoughtful and innovative kitchen remodeling, a modern, open floor plan can feel completely natural in an older home. Learn more about our kitchen remodeling in Washington, DC »

Recent Kitchen Remodeling Project

updated chestnut cabinets with brown and tan backsplash Our design team recently designed and renovated a Chevy Chase, MD home that required the reconfiguration of existing space to achieve a kitchen/family room suited to an informal lifestyle. The 1980s Colonial-style home, with an outdated and compartmentalized floor plan, was given new life with a complete remodel of a kitchen, adjoining breakfast space, family room and laundry room. Where the family once had to walk through a maze of hallways to reach the TV room, the new design fused living and kitchen space into one open living area. Not only did kitchen remodeling and space reconfiguration fit the homeowners’ desire for a transitional style design, but the Wentworth design team also used eco-friendly countertop materials and a recycled glass tile backsplash – modern products perfect for their traditional home. The finished space is now an elegant, yet informal setting for modern family life.

Townhouse Kitchen Remodeling Project

When homeowners of a Washington, DC townhouse came to us with a desire to transform their narrow and dark galley kitchen into a light and airy space, the team knew just how to modernize the outdated kitchen. Because the current space impeded the client’s ability to socialize during meal prep, a small addition, coupled with a smart use of space greatly improved the home – both functionally and aesthetically. In order to effectively extend what was once a tiny galley kitchen, the client was willing to sacrifice a rear porch. What was lost in outdoor space, the homeowners gained in usable kitchen space – a sunny breakfast nook with a view of the garden now sits where the porch used to be. modern kitchen renovation with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances Removing the wall between the dining room and kitchen further reconfigured the kitchen’s cramped space, and unused space under a stair was the perfect place to tuck a pantry. Creative use of space wasn’t the only innovative design choices intended to expand space – roll-out shelving and a mix of glass and solid cabinet doors create a cohesive sense of lightness in what the homeowners once described as a “gloomy galley kitchen.” Remodeling an older Washington, DC kitchen to fit the needs of the modern homeowner requires the insight and design sense of experienced architects and designers. Kitchen remodeling, whether it involves reconfiguring existing space or building an addition, can add value to your home and make it more livable for you and your family. If you are considering a kitchen remodeling project for your Washington, DC area home, we invite you to call Wentworth today for a complimentary design consultation. To see pictures of Washington, DC kitchen remodeling projects we’ve completed, browse through our gallery.

“ I wanted to take a moment to say what a pleasure it was to meet with you this morning. Your ideas of using our little space were illuminating as [we] have a difficult time thinking beyond what already exists in our house. Again, thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration of our project. ”

J.Q., Kensington, MD