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2020 Kitchen Trends

Are you considering a kitchen remodel in 2020? While your own personal tastes should drive your decisions, you may be on the lookout for trendy features to incorporate in your DC-area home. Here are the top kitchen trends of 2020 to consider.

Calacatta Marble

If there’s one thing that’s storming the style charts and shaking interiors in 2020, it’s the return of marble to the kitchen. If you choose to incorporate this material in your renovation, remember that busier is better. Marble countertops and backsplashes with pronounced veining are most likely made of calacatta marble (as opposed to more subdued carrara marble). Its presence in your kitchen promotes unmistakable luxury and next-level style.

Unconventional Materials

Cabinets don’t have to be wood, countertops don’t have to be stone, and backsplashes don’t have to be tile. It’s time to think outside the box and try unusual materials in 2020. Think leather-wrapped cabinets, brass-sheet countertops, and brick backsplashes. These conversation starters could be the perfect additions to your kitchen remodel this year.


The concept behind minimalism is to have the least amount of distractions possible. Frameless cabinetry, flat-paneled millwork, and glossy countertops are in this year. These features lend neatness to the kitchen, with straight lines and a sleek, no-fuss appearance. You may be interested in a minimalist kitchen if you thrive on simplicity throughout your home.

Pet-Focused Trends

If you have a dog, remodeling the kitchen is the perfect opportunity to incorporate a built-in feeding station that keeps Fido’s bowls, food, and treats tucked away yet easily accessible. Such an addition makes it easier to share your life with your four-legged friend.

Painted or Cerused Cabinets

While stained wood cabinetry is a beautiful accent in many kitchens, the trend for 2020 is to paint the cabinets a solid color. Sage green, cool gray, navy blue, and even midnight black are all popular shades for kitchen cabinets this year. Similarly, cerused wood is a technique that accentuates the grain on dark-stained cabinets. The contrasting colors produce a striking finished product.

Vintage-Looking Appliances

Consider livening up your kitchen by installing modern appliances with a vintage look. Powder blue ranges, mint green refrigerators, and daisy-yellow dishwashers are all the rage in 2020. Pair them with a teal mid-century modern breakfast table to complete the look.

Pops of Color

All too often, kitchens are varying shades of white, gray, and brown, but who says the kitchen can’t have as much personality as the rest of the house? Pops of color can take many forms, from the aforementioned vintage appliances to bright red bar stools to orange island cabinetry. For a chic alternative to a monochromatic kitchen, don’t shy away from trying something bold!

Double Islands

If you’ve got room, feel free to add not one island, but two! A pair of islands has become the latest in kitchen luxury when space is no object. This addition is ideal for maximizing work surfaces if you have a large family or enjoy entertaining guests.

Gold-Colored Accents

Chrome had its heyday for years, but now gold is taking center stage once more. Various shades of yellow metals—including brass, copper, and stainless steel brushed with matte gold finish—can be found everywhere from faucets to cabinet hardware to sink basins.

With inspiration from this year’s trends, you may be ready to see them come to life in your kitchen! Wentworth Studios offers comprehensive, local kitchen remodeling services throughout the DC, MD, and VA area. From traditional to contemporary, farmhouse to mid-century modern, we can do it all!

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