Landscaping To Enhance Your Home in MD, Washington, DC & VA
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Landscaping to Enhance Your Home

No home is complete without a properly landscaped setting. When preparing designs for our remodeling clients we always encourage them to think holistically about the landscaping of their home in relation to their remodeling project. If landscaping is part of the picture for a client, we typically suggest that clients develop a master plan that includes both home remodeling and landscaping.

Boost Curb Appeal with Landscaping

GardenWise collaborates
with Wentworth on a
Washington, DC Home

When we wish to collaborate on these types of master plans, we refer clients to Mark White, ASLA, of GardenWise, Inc., a landscape design firm in Arlington, Virginia. GardenWise offers landscaping services that allow for a seamless collaboration between Wentworth’s remodeling projects and a concurrent landscape design project.

Use Landscaping for Architectural Enhancement

Landscaping that complements a home’s architectural design provides the best solution, and a thoughtfully planned landscape adds to the market value of a house. When investing in home remodeling, it is usually the best time to invest in the enhancement of your landscaping.

Landscape Design Master Planning

With a master plan it is possible to coordinate the design of the home remodel with the landscape design for your entire property. Patios, decks, fences, pools, pergolas, and other outdoor features can be designed to enhance the whole environment. Additionally, plant material, seasonal growth patterns, site view lines, and focal points can all be considered when planning a home remodeling project and landscaping project together. The Wentworth Studio design-build team can work with the landscape design team at GardenWise to ensure a seamless interior and exterior home remodel.

Landscaping Maintenance Considerations

A well-designed landscape also takes maintenance issues into account. Typical considerations include the amount of care, watering, and growth you will have to handle with any new landscaping. If watering plant material is a concern, you can look into an irrigation system. With proper landscape design, rainwater runoff will be considered and planned for, thus improving moisture issues.

Landscape Design

A well-designed yard
completes a home and
provides enjoyment
for many years

The Personal Enjoyment of a Good Landscape Design

One of the biggest benefits of having a home with a beautifully landscaped yard is personal enjoyment. It’s hard to measure, but the joy, satisfaction, and pleasure provided by a well-designed environment can be priceless. Whether a new kitchen or a porch overlooking a garden, your new environment should be both functional and beautiful. When you’ve decided to give the inside of your home the upgrade it has always needed, landscaping your yard is a nice way to round out your project, completing the picture and resulting in a home you’re sure to live in comfortably for years to come.

“ How good it was to hear that your firm has been awarded two COTY grand prizes. What a skilled designer and architect you continue to be. Your work is as earnest as it is beautiful! ”

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