DC Home Remodeling | How to Make Kitchen More Functional
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Improve Daily Living with Kitchen & Family Room Remodeling

Homeowners frequently ask how to make their kitchen and family room more functional so that they can use their spaces as wisely and efficiently as possible. In addition, they look for the added charm of comfort that makes these spaces the important hub of the home.

Comfort in the Kitchen

Improve Kitchen Comfort & EfficiencyComfort can be defined as an efficiently organized kitchen customized to the homeowner’s needs. So when designing a kitchen work area, be sure to consider a separate circulation path so that your work area is not interrupted by people walking through and yet allows those working in the kitchen to easily communicate with family members or guests.

Efficiency of meal preparation is another critical component of kitchen design. Having key appliances nearby (usually refrigerator, cooktop, dishwasher and sink) is essential, while an oven and microwave can be more remotely located. Deep sinks with plenty of countertop prep and set spaces, as well as pullout trash and recycling bins, are additional sought-after details.

Built-In Upholstered Banquettes & Benches in Breakfast Area

Make Kitchen More Homely

Clients with children, especially younger children, love built-in benches and banquettes. Often an “L” plan configuration is desired, making a wonderful cozy family meal spot. Wentworth-designed and built banquettes are custom made to fit the kitchen space being remodeled. If the bench is placed next to a window, we minimize the scale of the furniture piece at both back and legs to admit more natural light. Custom-made cushions (often 2”-4” thick depending upon desired seat height) are attached to the bench with Velcro. Durable indoor/outdoor fabric is our recommendation for banquettes that get heavy use. Freestanding dining tables (often rectangular) can be purchased and the benches designed to fit the table size. If budget permits, a custom table can be built by Wentworth carpenters.

Comfort in the Family Room

Comfort varies among families and changes as needs evolve, but consider an informal living space for people to gather adjacent to the kitchen.

Questions to ask include:

  • Is the room too small or too large?
  • Is there good natural light?
  • How should it be furnished and has the furniture been sized properly?
  • Does a sofa or sectional fit your needs better?
  • Is a love seat or an easy chair with an ottoman a better fit?

Family Room ComfortEach space and each family are unique so a family room should be organized around focal points important to the homeowners, such as the fireplace, TV with built-in, garden views, or other considerations. With open plan designs, the kitchen and family room need to work in unison. Modern space is defined less by walls and more so by furniture, cabinetry, and architectural features that capture the room’s functional and aesthetic elements.

Part two of this blog post is coming next, so be sure to check back soon and read more ways to increase home comfort and improve daily living with thoughtful remodeling!

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