Master Bathroom Remodel in NW Washington, DC

New vanity cabinet and mirror
in newly remodeled bath

A spacious detached home circa the 1980s needed an updated master bathroom. Although existing bath space was ample, it was poorly laid out and inexpensively built, and it lacked the aesthetic appeal desired by the young homeowners. Pink and white marble tile, an oversized corner platform tub, and frilly details with fake gold hardware did not suit their design tastes.

The Wentworth design-build team helped them create a bathroom that was much more functional and matched their aesthetic preferences.

Bathroom Remodeling Project Details


The space had several unusual constraints. A south facing window wall and sliding glass door with a narrow balcony had to be integrated in the design. The fourth floor of the home had a spectacular view overlooking Washington, DC, but it lacked privacy and was exposed to too much sunlight. Additionally, there was too much space to put all functions in one room next to a window wall. Sensible design required that the bath be rearranged and zoned for functionality.

Creative Solutions to the Challenges

Our design team agreed that the new bathroom layout should have public and private spaces. The public space was placed near the window wall with a free-standing sculptural tub so bathers could enjoy the view. A double-sink, furniture-like vanity provides an aesthetic and functional focal point. The public area’s ample space accommodates an upholstered bench and a cheval glass mirror. In the public space, a wall of sliding louvered panels provides not only privacy but shade from the sun as well.

The private area, placed behind a new partition and separated by a frosted-glass pocket door, houses the toilet and a large shower stall with a built-in seat. Custom wall tile enhances the shower stall. Linked to this private space is a large walk-in closet.

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Remodeled master bathroom with soaking tub

Overall Results of the Remodeling Project

Success is measured with a happy client. Aesthetically and functionally the master bath has changed this home for the better. The client’s young daughters enjoy the tub with its Washington, DC view, and the couple finds preparing for each day an enjoyable experience in the new space.

Feel free to view more pictures of the remodeled bathroom—and if you’re ready to remodel your home in Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia, get in touch with Wentworth!

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