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Live in Comfort: Master Suite Design

Master suite with open floor plan

Master suite with open floor plan

When it comes to a master suite design, function and form are combined to create a space that is both luxurious and fully functional. A master suite typically has three basic components: bedroom, master bath, and walk-in closet(s). Renovating your current bedroom to become a true master suite is an attainable luxury – but only through the right design. Even if your home does not have a lot of available space, a master suite renovation is still very possible! Over the years Wentworth has designed functional and luxurious master suites with minimal space in urban Washington, DC area homes.

Although a master suite design usually incorporates a dedicated master bath, walk-in closet(s) and bedroom, the layout of these components is integral to a smart design and livable master bedroom suite. Over the years, our experienced designers and architects have learned that grouping the entrance to the suite near the bath and the closest is the optimal master suite design layout. This grouping ensures the homeowner never has to traipse from one end of the suite to the other just to get dressed in the morning!

A Place of Rest: Master Bedroom Design

Because a new bedroom must accommodate certain furniture, understanding the homeowners’ plan for the space is critical to the design. Upon beginning the master suite design process, the Wentworth design build team will ask the homeowners a few important questions:

  • Will you be using a king or queen size bed?
  • Are nightstands required?
  • Any treasured furniture pieces or family heirlooms that must be incorporated into the room?
  • Do you prefer dressers/wardrobes or built-in dressers to maximize space?
  • Will there be a television in the bedroom?
  • Do you need a special sitting or reading area in the suite?

When it comes to furniture design and layout, we’ve just about seen and done it all. Our design and build team can deftly handle the nuances of the more personalized and custom details of a master suite design. If a homeowner loves reading, a separate sitting area or built-in bookcases might be an important feature for the new bedroom space. When a homeowner wants to be able to watch TV in bed, our team can design a plan that allows for a wall-mounted TV or can work with the homeowner to choose an optimal place for the TV, such as a beautiful entertainment center that complements the décor.

Custom built-In cabinets add storage and visual interest to a master suite renovation

Custom built-In cabinets add storage and visual interest to a master suite renovation

When it comes to a smart a master suite design, subtle details like lighting and views can make all the difference in the world. Depending on whether the homeowner is an early or late riser, for example, black-out shades or heavy drapery can help cut down on light or noise if necessary. Do you want a view of your backyard or garden? Many of our clients prefer such a view – it can be comforting to catch glimpses of your landscaped garden when getting ready for work in the morning. If you have a beautiful view that you want us to incorporate into the master suite design, we have you covered.

A Clean Start: Master Bathroom Design

A window seat and built-in bookshelves are perfect for a book lover

A window seat and
built-in bookshelves are
perfect for a book lover

Master bathrooms can be personalized to fit the homeowners’ every need. Most Washington, DC homeowners opt for the functionality of two sinks, a toilet, large shower stall and a soaking tub if room permits. In larger suburban homes, a master bath remodel almost always includes a soaking or whirlpool tub. In cases of restricted space, particularly in historic Washington, DC townhouses, a tub is unnecessary and a large shower stall proves to be a better fit for the master bathroom. As long as there is a tub elsewhere in the home, resale value is not negatively impacted by a shower-only master bath.

With the major bathroom details completed, smaller details help take a master suite design from functional to spectacular. Although not particularly glamorous, storage considerations are important to any master bathroom design. Proper storage can be achieved with appropriate cabinets, either in tall cabinets or vanity-style cabinets. Sometimes shower stalls can also accommodate storage needs, whether through wire baskets, built-in wall niches, or a built-in shower bench.

A window seat and curbless shower provides stylish functionality for homeowners wishing to age in place

A window seat and curbless shower provides stylish
functionality for homeowners wishing to age in place

Good lighting is also an essential detail to consider when it comes to your master suite design. Overhead ambient lighting, as well as wall sconces that flank the mirror, allow for a stress-free morning routine. In a shower stall, lighting with moisture-resistant fixtures could turn out to be that extra feature the homeowners’ never knew they needed, but now simply cannot live without.

Although not as exciting as choosing a unique lighting fixture, safety should be a prime concern when designing a master bathroom. Non-slip tile floors and shower stall grab bars are imperative to reducing the possibility of falls, especially outside of a new shower stall. 2x 2 inch floor tiles will help to minimize slipping. For homeowners who wish to age in place, the installation of 36’ inch wide entry doors and curbless shower stalls will allow for the eventual access of walkers and wheelchairs.

A Fit Just for You: Designing a Master Suite Closet

Contrary to popular belief, closets can be just as personal as bathrooms in the design of a master suite. Have you watched any of the house hunting shows on TV? Everyone loves a nice big walk-in closet in the master suite! Depending on whether a couple wants to share a closet or whether the homeowners want to circulate their wardrobe with the season, the closet can take on many forms. If clothing storage is an issue, “his and hers” closets can be every bit as important as double sinks in a master bathroom.

Built-In dressers eliminate need for bulky furniture

Built-In dressers eliminate
need for bulky furniture

When preparing to for a new master suite design, the Wentworth design build team takes into consideration how many lineal feet of rod and shelf are necessary for proper storage of the homeowners’ clothes. Efficient closet systems can maximize space with double rods, high shelving and wall hung storage units. Walk-in closets can also serve as a dressing room and will help to contain clutter and mess. When space is tight, our master suite design team can design a more traditional bank of closets with swing, bi-fold or sliding doors.

Master Suite Design & Additions in DC, MD & Northern VA

The design build experts at Wentworth can bring your dream master suite to life on time and on budget! Contact us today for your master suite design in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas in Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland.

“ We had an ambitious plan for renovating our kitchen to a modern and open space. It was a collaborative process from the beginning, where design options were proposed and our feedback and preferences were taken into account. The work progressed efficiently, the workmanship was excellent, and adjustments were made when desired. We now have a beautiful, highly functional, modern kitchen. ”