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Cleveland Park Kitchen Remodel

An Outdated, Cluttered Kitchen Becomes Modern & Functional

The Wentworth design/build team recently completed a kitchen remodeling project in Cleveland Park, Washington, DC.

A young couple was starting a family and wanted to renovate their kitchen. They sought out a design/build firm to handle the design and expedite the construction process. Being two months pregnant, the couple had a tight schedule in which to do the architectural phase, process permits, and complete construction. Their 1930s semi-detached townhouse required a new family-friendly kitchen, and their goal was to open up the wall between the dining room and the galley kitchen to improve the functionality and aesthetics of their kitchen and better use the dining room space.

DC Galley Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling Details

The Old Kitchen’s Layout

The existing galley kitchen was dated and narrow. A 48 inch wide stainless steel gas range by Wolf dominated the small space, and the wall between the dining room and kitchen felt claustrophobic and isolating. We felt that a new kitchen should be seamlessly integrated into the existing space.

The Remodeling Plan

We decided the dining room wall needed to be cut open, framed with a new beam, and cased with new moldings identical to the home’s original. Removing the wall allowed the aisle of the galley kitchen to be widened, which was exactly what the couple needed.

The design respects the envelope of the older home by keeping all walls and moldings consistent. We placed the kitchen into the interior in a way that felt natural and seamless within its environment.

The new kitchen functions well and maximizes both floor and counter space. The configuration of the peninsula (which projects fifteen feet into the dining room) provides an easy path from kitchen to dining. Alterations to the rear wall of the kitchen provided additional space for cabinets and countertops.

We maximized the counter space and the work area, and the homeowners were pleasantly surprised at the improvement. The additional length and depth contribute nearly 40 percent more counter space.

Unusual Challenges & Solutions

Galley Kitchen Remodeling

Other than having a shorter time frame than usual in which to complete the remodel, there was another challenge: a rear masonry wall of the kitchen (leading to the sun room) needed to be widened to maximize space, which required a steel beam. Our solution was installing an appliance garage, opening the wall between the kitchen and dining room to make it look seamless.

Materials & Features of the New Kitchen

The newly remodeled kitchen features:

  • Beautiful oak flooring
  • Ample lighting
  • Black granite countertops
  • A glazed subway tile backsplash
  • Stainless steel refrigerator and sink
  • Painted cabinetry
  • China cabinet custom designed by Wentworth

Kitchen Remodeling Results

Not only does the new kitchen design enhance the view from the dining room and allow people to feel more at home, it functions better as well. It is also more seamlessly integrated within the 1930s interior, and has a lot more space. The couple is thrilled with the results—the new space is a vast improvement from their old outdated and cluttered kitchen.

Visit our portfolio to see more pictures of this DC galley kitchen remodel.

“ Very helpful and super impressive. ”

R.H., Northwest Washington, DC